Ford Issues Another Recall

In an announcement on Tuesday, the Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) announced that it would be issuing a recall for 3,500 vehicles, spanning across the Taurus, Explorer, and Lincoln MKS models. Reportedly, the issue stems from a fuel tank manufacturing defect, where the seams were improperly molded. While no fatalities or fires have been reported yet, six reports of fuel odors or leakage (particularly following an accident) have been relayed to the company.

Compared to the other recent recalls (33,700 from General Motors (NYSE:GM) and 76,000 from Acura (NYSE:HMC)), Ford’s is quite small, but not insignificant. It is also dwarfed in size by the 196,500 unit recall that Ford issued earlier this month for its minivan lines that have suffered from corrosion problems.

The recall will affect the 2012 model year for the Taurus and MKS, and the 2013 Explorer. The majority of the vehicles — over 3,000 — are in the United States, according to the company.

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The models were built at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant. The Taurus and MKS models were built between July 2011 and January 2012, while the Explorer SUVs were made over a few days in March 2012, Reuters reported.

Although not a detrimental blow to the company, it adds an additional headache for Ford as it tries to cut some of its ties with Europe, where it is anticipated to lose as much as $2 billion because of a slumping sales climate. Depreciation of the yen in Japan is also giving Japanese exports an edge in foreign markets, particularly the United States.

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