GM’s New Escalade: Here’s a Sneak Peek Before the Grand Reveal


2015 Cadillac Escalade Interior

General Motors (NYSE:GM) will be unveiling the new Cadillac Escalade in just a few days (a week, really — on October 7), but not before it graces the Web with some tantalizing teaser images beforehand.

First, GM released a photo of the new Escalade’s headlamp. Though it’s only a small fraction of the entire vehicle, headlights can provide some important insight into the design directions the company is considering. From the Cadillac Escalade Headlightrendering to the right, we can see that car is maintaining the vertically formatted lighting structure that has become a defining styling cue on Cadillacs; it represents one of the last few connections the new cars share with bygone generations.

Overall, buyers can expect the new Escalade to have a heightened degree of craftsmanship and care put into the fit and finish, which has historically been a rough patch for the company.

The Detroit News reports that GM and Cadillac said the new Escalade SUV will be more luxurious and features a new, bold and modern interior full of advanced technology. The automaker said the design includes handcrafted elements and “precisely elegant surfacing of the instrument panel and door areas.”

In addition to interior quality, the Escalade will hit another important box: “The Escalade, which can seat up to eight, also has a new interior that differs from GM’s other large SUVs, which also have been redesigned for the 2015 model year,” The Detroit News says. In the past, the Escalade has been little more than a rebadged Chevy or GMC with nicer leather and a higher price tag.

However, if Cadillac’s new vehicles have proven anything, it’s that GM is trying desperately to separate its luxury marque from the rest of the crew. The new cars bear little resemblance to their corporate siblings, and that’s just how GM wants it.

In addition to new XTS and ATS sedans last year, Cadillac will also be launching a new 2014 CTS this fall, while the plug-in ELR coupe — based loosely on the Chevy Volt — will also start production this year. A renewed ATS compact coupe is set to follow, and Cadillac has promised many more products will be coming to market over the next few years, The Detroit News reports.

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