Nissan Unveils New Quick-Charge Station for Electric Vehicles

Nissan has revealed a brand new quick-charge station for electric vehicles that is fast, cheap, and easy. The new 49kW charger takes up less spaces, is easier to install, and is 48% cheaper than former models, costing roughly $10,000 as opposed to the former model’s $19,088 price tag. The charging stations will go on sale in Japan in November.

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Nissan hopes to sell around 5,000 units of the charging stations throughout Japan by March 2016, and hopes to roll out the technology in the U.S. and Europe some time in the near future. The widespread installation of charging stations is integral to the wider adoption of all-electric and plug-in hybrid cars being built by Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), General Motors (NYSE:GM), and Toyota (NYSE:TM).

The company plans to install the charging stations at Nissan dealerships throughout Japan, as well as local government facilities and in locations that draw large numbers of customers.

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