Report: GM Adds 100 Jobs Amid Contract Talks Down South

GM Spring Hill Tenn

In August, General Motors (NYSE:GM) announced it was upping its investment at its Spring Hill, Tennessee, plants to a whopping $350 million, and included in the package was the promise of adding or keeping 1,800 jobs. That news brought praise from United Auto Workers Local 1853, but the proof has yet to fully materialize. The Daily Herald reported Thursday that GM is on the way by adding 1oo jobs to the engine plant in Spring Hill as new labor contracts are in negotiations.

According to the report, the additional engine workers will meet the demand for GM’s Ecotec 2.5-liter, four-cylinder motor f0und in the Chevy Impala and Malibu, which the automaker expects will continue to be coveted among new car buyers. The 100 employees will be hired from an existing pool of candidates, Kristy Bergstrom, GM’s Spring Hill plant spokeswoman, said to The Daily Herald.

The newspaper also noted that contract talks between General Motors and the local UAW chapter were underway. The bargaining chairman of UAW Local 1853 told The Daily Herald that GM’s announcement could be considered an “outcropping” of negotiations that are ongoing. While 100 jobs are significant, the figure remains a fraction of the 1,800 jobs GM planned to add or retain in connection with Spring Hill plant production.

Part of the package in GM’s huge investment in Spring Hill, formerly the site of a Saturn plant, involved the addition of an engine plant that creates the Ecotec as well as other 2-liter engines. The Chevy Equinox is another notable vehicle rolling off the line at the plant, which is located approximately 40 miles outside of Nashville. Production of the Equinox at Spring Hill lightened the burden on Canadian plants, according to a GM statement.

Late Sunday, GM announced it had reached a deal with its Canadian union in Ontario that averted any halting of work, a pause that would have begun Monday. That deal, reported by Automotive News, included the addition of hundreds of jobs for local union Unifor.

In GM’s announcement of new hires at Spring Hill engine plants, the UAW may have found another reason to hammer out a good-faith deal with the automaker.

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