Road-Tripping Elon Musk Wants to Prove Model S Credentials


Elon Musk is ready to go on a cross-country adventure, and so are his kids. The Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO and founder tweeted Thursday, sharing the news, and the brave South African is ready to prove that a cross-country road-trip via the iconic Model S is not only possible, it’s easy.

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Tesla’s illustrious, albeit pricey, Model S has effectively stolen the attention of many auto consumers this summer as it continues to post impressive sales in North America, China, and Europe. Musk and his team are now targeting a 2013 global sales goal of 21,000 vehicles, and just as long as Tesla’s suppliers can keep up with production, the future is looking good for the once-struggling U.S. automaker.

And while news of the Model S has been sweeping headlines since its release earlier this year, a key component of the sedan’s success, the Supercharger, has also been hogging a significant deal of media attention. These Supercharger stations are popping up everywhere, most recently making their debut in Texas, and Musk is working to keep his long-term promise that drivers soon will be able to road-trip across the country without worry that they’ll be stranded without a charge for their all-electric vehicle.

Now, Musk is prepared to ameliorate any future concern, because he’s about to take on the road-trip by himself and his five sons. According to Tech Crunch, the CEO is mapping out a six-day journey which will span 3,200 miles between Los Angeles and New York. Musk plans to charge his Model S exclusively at Tesla Supercharger stations, and only plans to allot 1.5 hours a day for charging time, which he justifies in a tweet, “At 1.5 hrs/day, we will only ever need to charge when stopping anyway to eat or sightsee, never just for charging itself.”

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Thus, should Musk’s family road-trip be successful, the travel will represent just one more victory for Tesla, and one more defeat for critics, who continue to maintain that EV travel is not only expensive, it’s also inconvenient and dangerous.

But Musk is ready to strike that danger hypothesis down, because any trouble critics maintain the Model S presents, the South African is apparently ready to subject his sons to. The CEO’s personal jaunt across the nation demonstrates his trust of the vehicle, along with his determination to silence the critics.


With more Model S vehicles expected on the horizon, it’s safe to conclude that Musk’s road-trip across the nation’s borders won’t be the last time the electric powerhouse takes a cross-country adventure, but lucky for us, Musk is more than happy to be the guinea pig. Now, we just hope he’ll tweet along the way.

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