Saks Helps Cadillac Boost Its Fashion Image


Every year, luxury retailer Neiman Marcus features a vast array of goods in its annual Christmas Book, a catalogue of gifts that the company highlights just in time for the holiday season. Next to all the latest fashion statements and accessories, Neiman Marcus will also slide in a few higher-end gifts — this year, an Aston Martin Vanquish Volante (Neiman Marcus Edition, of course) has made the fold for a sticker price of a bit more than $344,000, with a $3,000 donation to the Heart of Neiman Marcus foundation included.

However, Neiman Marcus is by no means to only retailer to employ this tactic: Saks Fifth Avenue (NYSE:SKS) has taken up the same idea and is featuring its own take on the Cadillac (NYSE:GM) ELR for affluent shoppers this season. If you remember, the ELR was the car that caused more than a few double takes when it was revealed that the Cadillac would retail for around $75,000 — for a car that many saw as merely a gussied-up Chevrolet Volt.

If you were among the crowd that thought the new ELR’s price tag was more than a bit lofty, the special Saks edition won’t do you any favors — it’s being sold at $89,500 after destination, a nearly $15,000 premium over the base model. However, as one would expect, it comes with a few goodies to help it stand out and (hopefully) justify its higher price tag.

Cadillac ELR

Pictured: Standard Cadillac ELR Interior

Exclusivity is the first big factor for the Saks ELR, as only 100 units of the car will be made. Each one will be coated in a unique White Diamond paint, which is paired with the driver’s choice of either a jet black or light cashmere interior.

Additionally, buyers will also get an upgraded 240-volt charging station with professional installation (which General Motors values at around $3,000), and the cars come equipped with Cadillac’s ELR Concierge service, which employs representatives who are “trained in white-glove customer care” and serve as an additional point of contact beyond the dealership as far as things like battery care, charging, service scheduling, and news updates are concerned.

However, the Saks relationship with General Motors doesn’t stop there: Autoblog reports that there will be a special “Frozen Escalade” window display at the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store near Rockefeller Center in New York, in which the 2015 Escalade – with functioning LED running lamps the automaker claims will “appear embedded and breaking through a wall of ice” — will be presented for all to see.

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