Slash Your Annual Fuel Costs With These 10 Greenest Cars for 2014

“This is our award that picks one vehicle — or a line of vehicles — that we consider to be the greenest new vehicle[s] launched for the new model year,” John Voelcker at Green Car Reports wrote back in November, regarding the publication’s annual Best Car to Buy for 2014 award. “To be eligible,” he said, “vehicles must be available for purchase by April 2014. At least one High Gear Media editor — preferably several — must have been able to drive and review the vehicle by December 1, 2013.”

Well, April is here, and many of the five cars we featured then are now available in showrooms. Further to the point, the Kelley Blue Book has released a list of what it determines to be the best green cars that one can buy this year, and unsurprisingly, there’s a fair amount of overlap.

“Once a year we compile a list of the most efficient cars available, then pick 10 standouts spanning a variety of price ranges and powertrains,” the site explains. “With more and better efficiency-focused models to consider every year, our annual list of 10 Best Green Cars keeps getting trickier to assemble. Case in point: the car that claimed the number one spot this year didn’t exist last year.”

So how did Green Car Reports‘ top five and the KBB‘s top ten compare? Not as closely as one might think. Check out the previous article (linked above), then check out the following KBB’s ten picks after the jump.