Tesla’s Next Addition for Its Trophy Case: America’s Most Loved Car

Tesla Model S, photographed in Switzerland by James Lipman // jameslipman.com

Tesla Model S, photographed in Switzerland by James Lipman // jameslipman.com

This might be pulled from the file of Things That Probably Won’t Surprise Anyone, but according to a recent survey, the Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S is America’s most beloved car.

Strategic Vision, which organized the effort, devised a “love score” for vehicles based on “a vehicle’s total emotional response from buyer-drivers.” AutoGuide said that by using a system measured on the Edwards Commitment Scale, Strategic Vision was able to determine just how much an owner loved their vehicle and ranked them according to market segment.

“We completed over a decade of research and consulting in determining how to capture the ways that people talk about their loves. We discovered that the natural language was in a ‘Love-Hate’ context with nuances in-between,” Dr. Darrel Edwards, a Ph.D., said on behalf Strategic Vision. “The report of Most Loved Vehicles in America captures a vehicle’s total emotional response from buyer-drivers. The industry is mature enough to actually accept ‘True Love’ as a core comprehensive, interactive, and discriminating emotional response.”

Tesla led the way with 852 points (out of 1,000); interestingly, the only other vehicle to have a score over 800 was the Hyundai Equus (with 821), which led in the Luxury Car category.


The Nissan Leaf, Toyota Sienna, Dodge Challenger, Cadillac Escalade, and Ram 1500 also led their respective segments. The Edwards scale of measuring ranges from 1 (hate it) to 7 (love it.) The scores are tallied based on the responses received on their corresponding numerical value, HybridCars explained.

The Tesla is obviously a well-loved car by just about anyone who has sat behind the wheel. Consumer Reports famously gave the Model S its highest rating awarded, and virtually every critic to get their hands on it has given it similar praise.

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