The 8 Most Environmentally Friendly Car Companies


8. Chrysler

Coming as little surprise, Chrysler ((FIATY.PK) came in at the bottom of the greenest automakers list for 2014. While the company has seen substantial improvement over the years towards a greener vehicle, it still has a lot of catching up to do to take on the companies ranking above it. Chrysler achieved a score of 114.9 on the report’s scale, well above the industry average of 100.

Chrysler looks to improve with new offerings from its offshoot brands, like Jeep and Dodge, which are both offering new vehicles and redesigns that include more aerodynamic designs and incorporate fuel-efficient technology. The Jeep Renegade is set to debut soon, which will be Jeep’s smallest model on the market, and probably its most efficient. There is also a distinct lack of hybrid vehicles across the company’s several brands, dragging its score down even further. Even with the coming vehicles, Chrysler has a a tough road ahead if it plans to catch up.