Toyota Is Ready to Dazzle With This Hydrogen Car

Toyota FCV

Toyota FCV

Presenters at the Tokyo Motor Show hoping to show off or compete against top automakers better come prepared on November 20. Toyota (NYSE:TM) has six world premieres already announced for the event, with a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle topping the list. Along with the innovative i-Road and the body-steered FV2 concept, Toyota plans to barrel into the future with concept cars slated for production within 16 months.

The Toyota hydrogen FCV will send camera holders into a frenzy at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Toyota, in a company statement, laid out how fuel cell vehicles work to transform air into water (their only emission) while the car generates electricity to power the motor. Hydrogen tanks will be on board rather than the battery packs seen in vehicles such as the Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S and other electric vehicles in production at the moment.

Though Honda (NYSE:HMC) has showcased a hydrogen vehicle in the past, Tesla has taken the lead among green automakers. Elon Musk has been skeptical of the potential for fuel cell technology, but the FCV specs match those of the Tesla Model S. Able to travel around 500 km (310 miles), the FCV would match the high range of electric vehicles now on the road. Toyota notes fueling would take three minutes of a driver’s time, and the automaker expects production-ready models by 2015. A sporty version of another Toyota hit will also debut.

FT 86

Toyota FT-86 in Flash Red

Toyota injected a great deal of life back into its sports car division with the introduction of the Scion FR-S, a collaboration with Subaru (FUJHY.PK). The FT-86 that will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 is a convertible version of the rear-wheel drive thriller. According to a Toyota statement, the car was created to add an “open-top thrill” to the FR-S concept. The automaker is introducing the “Flash Red” color specifically for the event.

On top of these highly anticipated offerings, Toyota will introduce the FV2, a “car” that has no steering wheel and is reminiscent of the futuristic vehicles seen in the Christopher Nolan Batman films. Toyota’s path of innovation has taken the automaker to breathtaking concepts this year. If they can pull off production of the hydrogen car on a grand scale, it will go beyond what Honda was able to achieve and open another door of opportunity for the automaker and the industry at large.

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