Unveiled: Tesla’s Plans to Supercharge America

Elon Musk is keeping his promise about Tesla Motors’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) Supercharger Network. He was interviewed Wednesday night at the D: All Things Digital technology conference and said his automaker planned to release details of the expansion of its charging network on Thursday, as well as a map of all the coverage areas. The network will not only triple its coverage area this month, but it will also add more fast-charging stations to well-traveled routes. By the end of 2013, he predicts a Tesla owner will be able to drive from LA to NY using only Superchargers, and of course, Model S will fill up for free.

Back in September when the Superchargers were officially launched, they were only secretly constructed in six locations in California. They’re now also scattered along the East Coast. However, by the end of this month, they will begin popping up all across the country, as the automaker promises to triple the area covered by the electric-car charging stations.

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This fresh wave of good news from Tesla comes welcomed at a time when analysts are speculating whether Tesla stock is rising too quickly and potentially getting ahead of itself. The automaker’s shares rose above $110 on Tuesday, and have risen six-fold since its initial offering price in 2010. While some analysts offer concern that investors are getting caught up in the “euphoria” of Tesla, others maintain that the automaker is not a normal auto company, and therefore won’t trade like one.

And Tesla is definitely not a normal auto company. Not only will Model S drivers but able to drive across the country for free, but an incoming software patch for the cars will help direct them to the nearest Supercharger.

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