Blue Cross Blue Shield: Your Rates Will Increase 11 Percent, and Oppose Competition

BCBSMAIL SmallAs a customer of Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, I recently received notification about my nose-bleed rate increase for next year. Before the company exhaled, they sent a separate (i.e., additional cost to produce and send) letter begging me to oppose competition (e.g., the public option).

Lucky for Adam Smith he didn’t need life saving surgery this month because real Americans can now count on coverage denials so BCBS could pay for something that could have been said in the rate increase letter.

I have stayed away from discussing the health care issue (and only posted video of two intelligent people debating both sides of the issue) because there are too many lies, emotions, and wingnuts. However, I must say it’s a sad time for America and genuine capitalism when hordes of educated people have been brainwashed to fight against their own best interests. I cannot help but recall the prescient forecasts in Aldous Huxley’s essays Brave New World Revisitedand Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Grand Inquisitor.

I do not know whether a public option is the best idea (and no one knows what form it would take once the lawmakers screw with it). But I will note:

  • as I write this I am engaged with the Blue Cross Blue Shield billing department for the third month in a row based on their errors (I have had less problems at the DMV);
  • my wife recently had a baby under Maternity coverage and they still tried to deny some of the most basic treatment (AND my wife had a natural birth with no expensive drugs or surgeries);
  • I am expected to pay 11% more for insurance next year during a major recession (“free market” economics is clearly not working);
  • I have three other options for insurance and they are all either the same price OR cheaper for less coverage (and their reputation for denying claims — the real Death Panels — is worse); and,
  • as a small business owner I have no tax breaks or other incentives to be entrepreneurial or take responsibility for my own coverage (when compared to the breaks corporations and their employees receive on multiple levels).

To top it off I am 31, athletic, eat extremely healthy, and hardly ever visit the doctor (e.g., one physical a year). The system is a mess. Let’s stop the uninformed, heavily manipulated childish arguments. Let’s use our brains and fix it. A solution is in everyone’s best interest.

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