The Dollar Bubble

This is a guest post by The Golden Truth.

“There will be two social classes of American in the future:  those who sell their U.S. dollars today and buy gold and silver and those who buy into the false hope of an economic recovery.”

I suspect that there is a lot of factual information and news reports in this 30 minute documentary that most people who view this video have not seen.  Some of the best footage is of Congressmen grilling Banana Ben Bernanke under oath and his obvious discomfort with the questions and, for those who know the facts, his obvious lies.

“Eventually this dollar is going to stop working and everybody is going to know what poverty is all about.”

“Unfortunately, those who buy real estate this time around will get slaughtered.”

Consider this video as yet another huge warning shot directed your false sense of well-being.  And also consider that in Weimar Germany, over 80% of Germany’s citizens clung to the false hope of their national currency and held onto the (Renten)mark until it was completely worthless by late 1923.

Presented by the National Inflation Association:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, poet and philospher.

Consider that during the course of this decade, gold and silver have both appreciated well over 450% against the U.S. dollar.  This is without the benefit of perceived inflation and without most large institutions and small investors participating in the “stealth” bull market.  Imagine what will happen to gold and silver when serious inflation hits the system, as a result of the catastrophically reckless fiscal and monetary policies being imposed upon us by the Federal Reserve and our Government … GOT GOLD?

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