How Crowdfunding Allows You to Invest in Inspirational Ideas

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Ranked number 337 on Alexa, Kickstarter is full of great stories. For instance, over 76,000 backers are behind one Kickstarter project right now. They are rallying behind Levar Burton in his quest to bring Back Reading Rainbow. “Just take a look, it’s in a book,” the series told children beginning in 1983. Millions of children tuned into the PBS series over the years before it ended almost a decade ago. Burton reminds his supporters and potential supporters of troubling statistics, such as how one out of four kids grow up illiterate, and how children who can’t read at their grade level by 4th grade are 400 percent more likely to drop out of school. He has currently raised nearly $3.5 million and he has set a new goal of $5 million. It remains to be seen whether or not Burton succeeds in bringing back the children’s show, but his efforts are certainly commendable.

Historically, Kickstarter has been a breeding ground for several successful projects. Scott Wilson is an example of such success. A few years back, he proposed an idea on Kickstarter involving TikTok and LunaTik wristbands. Wilson had a goal of $15,000 and raised almost $1 million for his nano watches, which Apple began selling in its stores.