15 Goofy Dogs That Will Brighten Your Day and Make You Laugh

Everyone has a bad day every once in a while. But when you’re down, dogs are here to pick you up — especially these dogs. We’re sure that these pictures of smiling, goofy pups will brighten up any dark day. Plus, you might even let out a laugh. No matter what goes on in the world, our pets remind us that there is still some innocence and pure joy to embrace. It’s impossible not to smile at the corgi photo shoot on No. 11.

1. This squishy husky

This husky looks so happy — and squishy. Who knew that husky ears could look like bunny ears if you put them together?

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2. This adorable police pup

Golden retriever puppy in a service vest

This is a very good dog. | goldenretrievers_ via Instagram

We’d let this dog take down the bad guys any day.

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3. This dogs-only birthday party

Newfoundland party

It was a family celebration. | new_found_land via Instagram

We bet you’re happy to see all of these Newfoundland pups celebrating but sad to know that you weren’t invited to the party.

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4. This almost-too-happy corgi

corgi puppy in the grass

Is there such thing as a too-happy corgi? | corgi_ig via Instagram

This corgi has the “smile and wave” thing down to a science.

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5. This fashionable pup

dog in raincoat

No wet fur for this pup. | chanelpuke via Twitter

We all wish we looked this good in a raincoat.

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6. This adorably confused dog

golden retriever confused by windshield wipers

Windshield wipers are confusing. | chanelpuke via Twitter

Dogs are such intelligent creatures. But sometimes, they get a little confused. Windshield wipers: 1, dog: 0

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7. The golden retriever that joined this group workout

retriever working out in the ground in a class

This canine is going for that beach bod. | CommonWhiteGrls via Twitter

This pup is the real star of the class — look at that perfect form.

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8. The world’s happiest pup

puppy smiling

It’s pure joy. | chanelpuke via Twitter

Have you ever seen a dog in a better mood than this one?

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9. This dog reuniting with its owner

dog hugging owner

We might have a little dust in our eyes. | GuyCodes via Twitter

Rumor has it that this pup was separated from his owner for two years. This is the two of them reuniting.

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10. These excited Pomeranians

two pomeranians in a car seat

They love their car seat. | pomeranianpage via Instagram

These smiling poms can’t wait to go for a ride!

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11. All of these corgi pictures rolled into one

corgi in different poses

Corgis just can’t stop smiling. | corgistagrams via Instagram

What’s better than one happy corgi picture? Four happy corgi pictures.

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12. Marnie the Dog’s snow selfie

dog in snow

She might need to work on her selfie game. | marniethedog via Instagram

Marnie the Dog can’t wait to play in the snow! “But first, let me take a selfie.”

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13. This pup who’s eager to play

dog playing

It’s always play time for this pup. | retrieverstagram via Instagram

He could do this all day. Who needs humans?

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14. This family portrait

dogs lined up

Most humans can’t even line up for a family portrait. | shibainumag via Instagram

Have you ever seen so many smiling dogs in one photo? We’re not sure we’ve ever even seen this many smiling people in one photo.

Next: This dog looks so snuggly. 

15. This super comfy goldendoodle

goldendoodle puppy

We’re pretty jealous of this puppy. | goldendoodlesofinsta via Instagram

This golden doodle has never looked happier — or more comfortable.

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