10 Hotels Offering Creative Room Service

Source: http://hello-stbarth.com/

Source: http://hello-stbarth.com/

Amidst a world full of hotels, a few have managed to find a unique niche that helps separate themselves from the rest. These hotels have realized that guests want to feel like they’re living in luxury when traveling. To meet those needs, several hotels have improved the room service they offer, where no request is too big or gesture too grand. Ready to book a hotel with extraordinary room service? Here’s a list of 10 places that pull out all of the stops.

1. Hotel Le Toiny

Found in St. Bart’s, this luxury resort will make you question the peanuts other hotels offer at the in-room minibar. According to Travel + Leisure, room service delivers a giant wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano to guests, which a chef then carves into the shape of a bowl, adding spaghetti and black truffles for a delicious meal.

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2. Hard Rock Hotels

Perfect for people hoping to unleash their inner-rock star, the Hard Rock Hotel offers its The Sound of Your Stay “Picks” Program, Travel + Leisure says. In fact, “check-in includes your choice of Fender guitar, a high-performance floor amp, and headphones for undisturbed in-room jamming.”

Loews Miami Beach Hotel

3. Loews Miami Beach Hotel

This Miami hotel makes you feel as if there’s a restaurant in your room. The hotel chef can create unique specialties, as well as signature items from three of the hotel’s restaurants for your in-room dining pleasure. Ready to take your room from restaurant to bar? “Buy a bottle and a mixologist from the hotel bar will mix a freshly muddled cocktail, like the Miami Mojito, at your doorstep,” Departures says.

Conrad Chicago

4. Conrad Chicago

After a day of traveling, this hotel understands your need to get a good night’s sleep. To help, they offer a Sleep Menu with amazing services to help you drift off. You’ll have your option to order from a selection of H20 hydrating treatments, herbal elixirs, calm-inducing nightcaps, a custom pillow collection, and technology to help you drift off, such as music and books, Travel + Leisure says.

Le Taha'a Island Resort and Spa

5. Le Taha’a Island Resort and Spa

This resort, which is in French Polynesia, ensures your day will get off to a great start. “As if waking up each morning surrounded by the turquoise water of Taha’a Lagoon weren’t stunning enough, having your breakfast pancakes and tropical fruit delivered to your private deck — by a strumming ukulele player in a canoe — is sheer heaven,” according to CNN.

Source: Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Source: Waldorf Astoria

6. Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Another Windy City hotel makes the unique room service list. The Waldorf Astoria includes a dining room table in every room, where staff members arrange flowers, pull out chairs, and serve you your delicious in-room meal on fine china, Departures writes.

The Langham Hotel

7. The Langham Hotel

Found in London, this hotel is great for the book-lovers out there, Travel + Leisure says. The hotel capitalizes on famous authors who have stayed there, including Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain, and has a book butler. The book butler will select and hand deliver books to meet your personalized taste.

The Little Nell Aspen

8. The Little Nell Aspen

With this Colorado resort, you can enjoy delicious room service in your room, or you can take it to go. “But for get-up-and-go types, who like to partake in hotel activities like horseback riding and mountaintop yoga, the folks at Little Nell go the extra mile: Their kitchen staff will pack a gourmet picnic lunch to take along, with options like local Wagyu pastrami on rye or faro salad with nuts and pomegranates,” Departures writes.

Affinia Hotels

9. Affinia Hotels

This boutique hotel chain delivers ready-to-make meals to its guests, USA Today writes. They offer business and health kits, which includes items such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, chips, and cookies. There are also four-minute meals that can be heated in your room (each room has a kitchenette.)

Esencia Estate

10. Esencia Estate

Hoping to find a room that has a soap concierge? Look no further. This Riviera Maya resort offers guests a soap concierge who will make you feel and smell great by creating a handmade bar for you using ingredients such as honey, lemon, rosemary, aloe vera, and oatmeal, according to Travel + Leisure.

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