15 Adorable Times Dogs Proved They Were Better Than Cats on Instagram

There’s no doubt about it, people’s pets are having more than just “a moment” on Instagram. Dogs’ and cats’ Instagram accounts are more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why: They’re adorable, often hilarious, and give people a much-needed smile.

You’ll find all kinds of animals on Instagram, but just like in real life, dogs appear to be the most popular (sorry, cats). Here are 15 examples of people’s pups being totally charming.

 Lucielle Bull expresses how we all feel about Tuesdays

How are Tuesdays worse than Mondays, somehow? The adorable Luceille Bull understands.

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Doug the Pug perfectly sums up “work from home” life

Doug the Pug working from home

He’s living his best life. | Doug the Pug via Instagram

Doug the Pug has 3.2 million adoring fans, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is he entertaining, he’s totally winning at life.

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Marnie knows how to unwind after a long day

Marnie the dog drink

She encourages senior dog adoption and drinking responsibly. | Marnie the Dog via Instagram

We’re loving the life of Marnie, a 16-year-old  Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter at age 11 and encourages senior dog adoption. She enjoys dressing in costumes, sipping drinks, and showing off her adorable tongue.

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Sid proves it’s possible to stick to a diet

Sid the beagle will power

If only we all had his will power. | Sid Pizza Dog via Instagram

Sid the Regal Beagle is an expert at resisting treats, although he’s been known to eat pizza bagels.  He’s also good at Hide and Seek, playing at the park, and relaxing with his humans.

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Look at these faces

Maru the Shibu Inu,

Not one, but two cuties in this picture. | Shinjiro Ono via Instagram

This is Maru the Shibu Inu, who lives in Japan and has 2.6 million Instagram followers. He somehow manages to look relaxed and happy in every photo, especially when smaller animals are on his head (which is somewhat often).

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Your Uber is here

Manny the frenchie uber

We’d go anywhere with you. | Mannie the Frenchie via Instagram

Manny the French bulldog is an award-winning, empire-building philanthropist who also happens to look great behind the wheel. How many cats could ever say that?

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Crusoe is the coolest

Crusoe dachshund

He plays it cool, but he knows he’s a star. | Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund via Instagram

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is so famous, he has his own calendar. He has also been interviewed by Ellen Degeneres, and his book is a New York Times bestseller.

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Tuna is the happiest Chiweenie

Tuna in the pool

Tuna’s hobbies include traveling and sleeping. | Tuna Melts My Heart via Instagram

Known for his (very) toothy grin, Tuna has almost two million Instagram followers (and a second account, @TravelingTuna). He seems to spend an equal amount of time traveling and sleeping — in other words, he’s living the dream.

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There’s something about a Frenchie

Sir Charles Barkley the Frenchie

He’s better dressed than most humans. | Sir Charles Barkley via Instagram

Sir Charles Barkley the Frenchie loves his life in Seattle, the Seahawks, brunch, and burgers. He’s so cite, one of his parents got a tattoo of him, and we can’t say we blame them.

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Ramsey naps to peaceful tunes

Ramsey listening to music

He is a very good boy. | Ramsey via Instagram

Ramsey is a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives in England. When he’s not falling asleep to his favorite playlist, he’s snuggling other dogs, running through fields, and being a very good boy in general.

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Zira the Corgi loves to shop

Zira the corgi at target

Zira likes target as much as we do. | Zira the Corgi via Instagram

Zira is a Pembroke Corgi/Mini Aussie mix, and this California girl is just plain cute. She’s still a baby, but she already loves shopping more than most humans … especially when she gets to ride in the cart.

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Cookie the Poodle lives a good life

Cookie the mini poodle ice cream

She rocks those photo shoots. | ps.ny via Instagram

This darling red mini poodle, Cookie, loves photo shoots (and ice cream) and prefers to lounge in bed as often as she can. Her owner, Olia, is a photographer and artist, so her Instagram account is downright pretty.

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Just a city boy…

Parker the labradoodle in the rain

That soulful stare into the distance … | Parker the Labradoodle via Instagram

New York City is the home of Parker the Labradoodle, a sweet pup who has mastered the art of the head tilt. He doesn’t think he’s better than anyone, even a cat.

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Boo was dubbed the World’s Cutest Dog

Boo the pomeranian

He looks like a tiny teddy bear. | Boo the Pomeranian via Instagram

Maybe it’s his haircut, perhaps it’s the fact that he always appears to be smiling — but the world loves Boo the Pomeranian. He’s almost 12 now, but he’s still got plenty of energy (and his dashing good looks).

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Tibby Tibbles looks like he went to Yale

Tibby is a Corgi who is clearly a very well-rounded individual. In one Instagram photo, he’s seen nibbling a bowl of spinach, in another, he’s relaxing in sunglasses next to a glass of wine. In any case, he wants you to know he’s cooler than any cat.

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