15 Common Household Items You Should Never Store in the Basement

Unfinished basements and crawl spaces seem like the perfect storage spots. Since you don’t use those areas for everyday living, it makes sense to keep holiday decorations, patio furniture, and other household items there.

But not all your excess stuff should be stored in your basement. In fact, the following household items may get ruined or create major safety risks. One common item could be especially hazardous (page 10).

1. Books

colection of books

Books | ConstantinosZ/iStock/Getty Images

It’s tempting to store books in the basement. But silverfish love making their homes inside the pages of books, which can ruin them. Keep your favorite books on a bookshelf in the main part of your house. Then, find a way to creatively display your other books elsewhere. Donate the rest to your local library.

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