15 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

Cutting down on food waste sounds simple — buy less, use your ripe produce first, and always shop with a plan. While in theory it seems easy, many people still struggle with wasting money on food that never gets eaten.

That’s where your freezer can be a huge help. If you like to stock up on certain items, then freezing them is a fantastic way to ensure that nothing rots before you have a chance to eat it. It’s quick, easy, and effective, plus it doesn’t sacrifice food quality or taste.

You already know that items such as ice cream should live in your freezer full time. Ahead, get the scoop on some of the lesser known food items that you should keep stocked in your freezer.

1. Halloween candy

You don’t have to eat all that candy at once. | iStock.com

Wondering what to do with all that extra chocolate? Pack it up in freezer bags and enjoy it for the rest of the year. Freezing your candy will keep it from getting stale, and will also naturally keep you from eating too much at once.

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2. Bread

Fresh bread with wheat ears

This is a great trick for humid months. | VikkiePix/iStock/Getty Images

Fully cooked bread can be frozen to keep it from getting stale. Put the entire loaf in a freezer bag with the air removed, or just add the bag of pre-sliced bread to your freezer shelf. Toast lightly before serving and you’ll never know the difference.

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3. Butter

Portion of Butter

Butter will keep just fine in the freezer. | iStock.com/HandmadePictures

The next time butter is on sale, stock up on as many sticks as you want and store it all in the freezer until you need it.

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4. Cooked pasta

quinoa fusilli pasta

Throw this in the freezer for an easy weeknight meal. | iStock/Getty Images

Make a big batch of pasta in advance to cut down on dinner prep time. When you’re ready to eat it, simply thaw and serve with your favorite sauce.

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5. Corn on the cob

corn on the cob

You can have corn on the cob all year round! | iStock.com

Sweet summertime isn’t the only time you can enjoy corn on the cob. Freezing your corn keeps it fresh for up to a year, so you can boil it alongside a rack of ribs whenever you feel like having a Southern style feast.

Pack fresh corn in freezer bags complete with the silk and husk. When you’re ready to defrost, it’ll taste as good as if it was just picked.

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6. Raw eggs

eggs on shelf of refrigerator

There’s a trick to storing eggs in the freezer. | Jarabee123/iStock/Getty Images

You have to remove the shells first to avoid a messy explosion — but you can totally freeze raw eggs.

Beat the eggs and store them in ice cube trays or muffin tins and then remove and store in a plastic freezer bag for up to six months.

If you only need to freeze the yolks, add 1/8 teaspoon of salt or 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar for every 4 yolks to keep them from gelling.

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7. Pancakes

Shallow DOF with focus on syrup and butter.

This will make having pancakes a lot easier. | iStock.com/StephanieFrey

Making pancakes can be a real pain, but eating them is a whole lot of fun. Cut down on the effort by making a double batch and freezing the extras for the next time you’re in a hurry and need a quick and easy breakfast.

For best results, put a piece of wax paper between each pancake and then wrap them in aluminum foil and store in a plastic freezer bag. They’ll stay fresh like that for up to two months.

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8. Potato chips

Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

Save your leftover chips for later. | iStock.com/Bhofack2

Buy too many chips for your last party? Consider freezing them instead of tossing them out.

Chips don’t actually freeze, but they do get extra crispy and they won’t get stale like they would sitting out on the counter.

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9. Whipped cream

Have fresh whipped cream ready for whenever you need it. | iStock.com

Hot cocoa season is almost here, so go ahead and freeze a batch of fresh whipped cream.

To do this, add spoonfuls of whipped cream to a cookie sheet and freeze for a few hours. Store in a plastic container for up to two months and add on top of your cocoa or latte for a delicious treat.

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10. Garlic

Keep garlic preserved in the freezer. | iStock.com

Whole or chopped garlic can be frozen and stored for a few months.

To avoid the risk of botulism, freeze garlic in a glass or plastic freezer container with a bit of olive oil. Just be sure to leave enough space for the liquid to expand so the container doesn’t explode.

This trick works for other fresh herbs and spices, too!

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11. Hummus

hummus in a bowl

Have this healthy dip on hand. | iStock.com

This creamy and healthy dip can be stored in your freezer for up to four months.

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12. Sandwiches

You’ll have a quick lunch ready to go. | Rez-art/iStock/Getty Image

Here’s a great way to cut down on daily meal prep. You can freeze sandwiches in advance by putting them together on a cookie sheet until frozen and then storing them in a freezer safe bag with the air removed.

Avoid toppings that could become mushy such as jelly, lettuce, tomato, mayo, meat, and hard cheese (or just add them on post-thaw). Nut butters, tuna fish, and salmon all freeze well.

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13. Onions

Closeup of onions on white rustic wooden background

You can prep your onions well in advance with this trick. | iStock.com/Nedim_B

Onions last forever on the countertop, but they last even longer than that in the freezer. Peel and chop your onions ahead of time and add them into recipes. you don’t even need to thaw them out first.

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14. Steel cut oats

This will save you a ton of time in the morning. | Mizina/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Old-fashioned steel cut oats are much healthier than sugary instant oatmeal packets, but they’re also more time consuming to make.

Next time you make a big batch of oats, freeze portions in mason jars and enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast on the go whenever you want.

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15. Avocados

These are notorious for going bad quickly. | Locknloadlabrador/ iStock/Getty Images Plus

They don’t need to be refrigerated, but they can be frozen.

Blend your avocados with a bit of lemon juice pre-freeze to keep them from turning brown. Save in a glass or plastic storage container for later use in guacamole or other recipes.

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