15 Holiday Travel Tips Airlines Don’t Want You to Know

Traveling during the holiday season is almost guaranteed to be stressful. There are longer lines, more crowded spaces, flight delays, heavier volumes of traffic, and overworked airline employees, just to name a few. Everyone just wants to get home to see their families for the holidays (or are going on tropical vacations to avoid that drama).

But there are certain things you can do that will make holiday travel less of a nightmare. Ahead, check out all the things you may not realize about holiday travel.

1. Book an early flight

Eiffel tower at sunrise and airplane in the blue sky

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Yes, it’s harder to get up early, but experts recommend that the best way to avoid crowds is by flying very early in the morning or late in the evening. The earlier in the morning a flight is scheduled, the less likely it is to get delayed. Plus, if your flight does get rescheduled, you have more time to find an alternate travel plan.

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