15 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The scent is one of the first things that people notice about your home.

You know how you notice a weird smell when you get home from a vacation? That’s what your house smells like all the time to people who don’t live there. That’s because the longer you’re exposed to scents, the less you’re able to notice them. It’s called sensory adaptation, or informally, “nose-blindness.”

They say that the actual smell of clean is no smell at all. But getting your house to smell like nothing is next to impossible. Between the kids, pets, cooking, and just living everyday life, you’re bound to wind up with a mixture of different aromas. However, there are a few smart ways to mask them without resorting to artificial room freshening sprays.

Ahead, discover some of the best cheap and easy ways to make your entire home smell fantastic.

1. Add essential oils to your air filter

Small bottle of essential yarrow oil

Freshen your whole house with ease. | kazmulka/iStock/Getty Images

Next time you want to make your whole house smell fresh, try putting a few drops of high-quality essential oils on your air filter. Your home’s HVAC systems will push the scent throughout the house and make everything smell great, plus essential oils are said to have natural healing properties. They’re also free from chemicals and unnatural fillers.

Lemon, lavender, and clove are just a few scents that will freshen your whole home plus provide benefits such as relaxation and cleansing qualities.

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2. Simmer potpourri on the stove

Herbs simmering in a pot

The warmth will help spread your scent. | AmberLaneRoberts/iStock/Getty Images

Dusty potpourri in little bowls might be passé, but simmering some on the stove is a great way to make your house smell lovely.

There are tons of great recipes for stovetop potpourri. Try lemon with vanilla and rosemary for that clean smell, or cinnamon, orange, and apples for fall coziness.

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3. Clean your garbage disposal

Kitchen sink

Chemical-free deodorizing in a pinch. | rkafoto/iStock/Getty Images

That funky smell in your kitchen might be coming from your garbage disposal.

It’s pretty easy to get your garbage disposal smelling good again. To achieve this trick, gather old orange or lemon peels and put them in ice cube trays with water. Then freeze everything together and run it through your disposal. The ice cubes are naturally abrasive to help clean your disposal blades, while the peels offer natural, chemical-free deodorizing.

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4. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets

baking soda on spoon

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer. | Geo-grafika/iStock/Getty Images

Regular old baking soda has natural deodorizing properties and it costs next to nothing. To keep carpets smelling fresh, especially in high traffic areas like family rooms and hallways, try sprinkling a bit of baking soda and letting it sit for at least 15 minutes. Vacuum as normal and enjoy the clean, odor-free air.

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5. Make your own room freshening spray

Women hand holding spray bottle

It’s easy to make your own. | solar22/iStock/Getty Images

Commercial room freshening sprays aren’t just expensive and unnecessary — they’re also made with potentially harmful chemicals. Instead, try making your own with water, alcohol, and real essential oils. Spritz generously when you have company coming or when you just need a little pick-me-up for your nose.

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6. Put vanilla in your oven

stainless steel stove with oven

Your home will smell heavenly. | dpproductions/iStock/Getty Images

Need to make your house smell good in a hurry? Head to your pantry.

Create a heavenly scent by adding two capfuls of vanilla extract into a mug or other oven-safe dish and bake at 300 for one hour.

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7. Add an air freshener to your air vent

car freshner

Pop it on your air vent instead. | dkhoriaty/iStock/Getty Images

Those air fresheners for your car work at home, too. If you have floor registers, try clipping a car air freshener onto each one to disperse the fresh scent.

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8. Use a DIY cleaning spray

person squeezing a spray bottle over a black background

Save some money while you’re at it. | iStock/Getty Images

Save some money when you make your own multi-purpose cleaning spray at home. A DIY cleaning spray made with white vinegar, citrus peels, and herbs can clean most things and it won’t pollute the air. It’s a win-win.

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9. Add dryer sheets to your trash can

Clean kitchen

Soak up those odors. | Jupiterimages/iStock/Getty Images

Trash cans get pretty stinky. Keep them from stinking up the house by adding a dryer sheet into the bottom to absorb some of the odors.

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10. Stick votive candles in coffee beans

Aroma candle in the glass with coffee beans

A simple way to deodorize.| del_alma/iStock/Getty Images

Chances are you have some of those votive candles around. Make your home smell wonderful by placing a few lit votives in a container of whole coffee beans. It’s a natural, safe way to keep your house deliciously odor-free.

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11. Decorate with eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leaves in glass jar

It’s pretty and effective. | natalie_board/iStock/Getty Images

Real eucalyptus leaves aren’t just pretty — they also emit a pleasant smell that can help to freshen up your entire house. Keep some in a vase in the bathroom for pretty and effective deodorizing where you need it most.

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12. Tape dryer sheets to a box fan

Fan in bedroom interior

Perfect for instant freshness. | Peshkova/iStock/Getty Images

Quickly deodorize an entire room by making your own cheap diffuser. Simply tape dryer sheets to a box fan and turn it to high for instant freshening.

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13. Bake cookies

cookies baking

Plus you get to eat them. | iStock/Getty Images

This solution is both effective and delicious. Fill your home with the sweet scent of cookies by baking a batch or two! Realtors often use this trick right before an open house to make the home seem more inviting to prospective buyers.

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14 Spray stinky shoes with dry shampoo

Sports workout shoes

If working out has left them a little ripe. | grinvalds/iStock/Getty Images

That pile of shoes by the door might be contributing to the stink. Spritz dry shampoo spray onto the soles of your shoes to make them less smelly.

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15. Diffuse essential oils

A diffuser is an easy way to spread a scent. | iStock/Getty Images

Plug in air fresheners are pricey and unnatural. Instead, switch to all natural essential oils. You can buy a diffuser for daily room freshening that’s chemical-free and safe for kids and pets.

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