15 Things You Didn’t Know About the ‘Property Brothers’

HGTV fans can’t get enough of the Property Brothers — and it’s obvious to see why. These tall, dark, and handsome identical twin brothers aren’t just easy on the eyes, they’re also incredibly talented with home renovation projects.

Drew and Jonathan Scott may exhibit a spirited sibling rivalry on screen, which fans encounter during Brother Vs. Brother or in any of their witty banter during interviews. But while they engage in good-natured teasing as any brothers tend to do, it’s clear that they’re also the best of friends.

Want to know even more about the Property Brothers? Read on to see all the facts you never knew about this dynamic duo.

1. Their parents didn’t know they were having twins

It was a surprise! | Drew Scott via Instagram

It’s hard to imagine a time before modern ultrasound technology, but in 1978 it was common to endure an entire pregnancy without much medical supervision. So it’s not too surprising that Drew and Jonathan Scott’s parents were only expecting one baby.

Jonathan came out first and Drew surprised everyone by making an appearance four minutes later. The odds of having identical twins like the Scotts is about one in 285.

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2. They have black belts in karate

Jonathan Scott Karate
They both have won Karate championships. | Jonathan Scott via Instagram

Trying to mess with Drew or Jonathan Scott would be a huge mistake.

Both brothers earned their 2nd degree black belts in karate and have won several Canadian National Karate Championships.

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3. HGTV isn’t the only network you can find them on

Drew Scott and Emma Slate dancing in blue costumes
Drew recently appeared on Dancing with the Stars. | ABC

Setting aside how “real” those home renovation reality shows really are, it’s a fact that both brothers have a keen interest in acting. Drew Scott started doing improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy in high school and has appeared on hit shows Smallville and Breaker High. He also participated in the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Not to be outdone, Jonathan had a part on The X-Files.

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4. They started flipping houses as teenagers

Property brothres
They started at a young age. | HGTV/Scripps Networks Interactive

These skilled entrepreneurs wasted no time getting started. They bought their first property at the tender age of 17 and by the time college rolled around, they were already adept enough at home flipping to make a $50,000 profit.

By their mid-twenties, the brothers were running a thriving real estate, design, and renovation business and helping hundreds of clients.

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5. There’s a third brother

Property Brothers JD
Their older brother has been featured on several of their shows. | JD Scott via Instagram

Their older brother JD is a part owner of their production company, Scott Brothers Entertainment.

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6. Sorry, ladies — they’re both taken

Property Brothers and Girlfriends
Drew is in the midst of planning his wedding. | Drew Scott via Instagram

Drew got engaged to girlfriend Linda Phan in December of 2016. Jonathan has a girlfriend, though he admits his two dogs, Stewie and Gracie, take up a huge space in his heart.

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7. The brothers have a ‘family compound’ in Las Vegas

Property Brothers' Guest House
They also have a separate guest house for their parents. | HGTV

The brothers purchased a foreclosure in Vegas and renovated it to live in together, which they promise isn’t as strange as it sounds.

“People were always like, ‘Isn’t that weird?’ But there’s an ease to it,” Linda Phan [Drew’s fiancée] told People. “You wake up and you go to work. It’s nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with.”

Phan and Drew purchased their own home in Los Angeles while Jonathan has a place in Toronto with his girlfriend. But they consider their shared Las Vegas pad a sort of home base, especially since it’s close to their older brother JD and has a separate guest house for their parents to visit.

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8. Both brothers are musically inclined

Drew even performed a song to propose to Linda. | HGTV via Facebook

The Scott brothers co-wrote and recorded two original songs in 2015 called, “Hold On” and “Let the Night Shine In.” The music video for “Hold On” has an impressive four million views on YouTube and Vevo, earning it a spot on the Billboard Hot Country charts.

In January 2017, the brothers remade Flo Rida’s “My House” by putting their unique country spin on the lyrics. Proceeds from the song will go to a favorite charity of theirs, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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9. The Scott brothers know all about living the farm life

Jonathan and Drew Scott as Kids 1
If the cowboy hats tell you anything. | Jonathan Scott via Instagram

Chip and Joanna Gaines aren’t the only HGTV stars who know their way around a stable.

Drew and Jonathan grew up on a bona fide ranch in Vancouver, Canada and learned to ride horses by the age of three. They may be city-based these days, but the farm life will always be a part of their history.

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10. Jonathan Scott believes in magic

Jonathan Scott magic
He performed magic in his teen years. | Jonathan Scott via Instagram

Or he believes in performing it, anyway.

Jonathan developed a love for magic at a young age and by his teen years, he was actively performing his magic act around his hometown.

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11. Drew Scott is guilty of clowning around

Property Brothers Halloween
It looks like he got an early start. | Jonathan Scott via Instagram

While his twin tried out the magic trade, Drew Scott performed as a clown, at least until he got fed up with the elaborate costumes and face paint.

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12. They’re social media influencers

Jonathan and Drew Scott as Kids
They have over three million followers. | Jonathan Scott via Instagram

Both brothers boast more than three million followers across social media platforms.

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13. They enjoy playing instruments

Property Brothers music
Drew loves playing guitar with his dad. | Drew Scott via Instagram

Drew told US Weekly that one of his favorite things to do is play the guitar with his dad, who is also his teacher. Meanwhile, Jonathan plays the bagpipes and is learning to play the piano.

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14. The brothers once channeled Paul Blart

Property Brothers
They used to work as mall cops. | Property Brothers via Instagram

Drew and Jonathan Scott used to work as mall cops.

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15. They love karaoke

Drew-Scott-Linda-Phan Show
Drew and Linda did karaoke on their first date. | Drew Scott via Instagram

Drew took Linda to karaoke on their first date and sang Lonely Island’s “I’m On a Boat.” Meanwhile, Jonathan’s favorite song to perform is Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild.”

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