Shocking Things You Never Knew About the Supreme Court

Controversial or not, the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice always brings the highest court of the land into the spotlight. There’s public interest in these SCOTUS justices for good reasons. First, an appointment lasts for life, or when the person decides to retire. And second, they decide some of the most contentious, significant court cases in the country.

Did you fall asleep in government class? No worries. Read on to learn all the fascinating things you never knew about the Supreme Court.

1. There are literally no job qualifications


Gavel | Brian A Jackson/iStock/Getty Images

Think you have to serve as a judge before being appointed to the Supreme Court? Think again. Unlike the office of the presidency, there are no age, education, citizenship, or job experience requirements for the Supreme Court. You don’t even need to graduate law school. Of course, the appointment likely won’t be accepted if the person is underqualified. But legally, it could be.

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