15 Things You Should Never Ask a Bartender

Everyone loves a good night out, and everyone loves a good bartender. They give us drinks and commit their nights to making sure we have good ones.

There are a few rules and guidelines you should follow to stay on your bartender’s good side. So, the bartenders of Reddit helped narrow down the top 15 things you should never ask or say; how many are you guilty of? (Just keep the tasteless inquiry on page 9 to yourself.)

1. Can you make my drink stronger?

bartender with cocktail

Read these tips before you go out next time. | nisimo/iStock/Getty Images

Bartenders usually pour drinks with a pour count method to ensure you get the appropriate amount of liquor in your cocktail. So when you ask them to make your drink stronger, the answer will always be no.

Reddit user jtemperance has a trick for patrons who send their drinks back or ask them to be made stronger. “This means you get the tiniest drop of alcohol right in the straw. When I bring the drink back their reaction is amazing. It’s always something like, ‘Wow, that’s a strong drink!'”

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