15 Things Your Home Doesn’t Really Need

Decorating your home can be both an exciting endeavor and a major undertaking. And if you’re someone who shudders at the idea of stocking your domicile with decor and accoutrement, you may be happy to hear you don’t need all those extras. Here are 15 things your home really doesn’t need.

A top sheet

Stack of clean bedding sheets

A stack of sheets | iStock.com/ belchonock

You may be surprised to hear there has been a heated debate going on over whether top sheets are a necessity or a complete waste of time. Our take? Skip the top sheet and load up on blankets. It’ll make your bed easier to make in the morning, and it will give you one less thing to throw into the laundry.

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Table lamps

bedroom interior with pillows and reading lamp

Bedside table with lamp, clock, and photo frame | Kwanchai_Khammuean/iStock/Getty Images

Before you get yourself into a tizzy, no — we aren’t suggesting you get rid of lights altogether. Instead, take a cue from Domino Magazine and trade out big table lamps for wall sconces. They take up less room and are easier to dust than large, intricate table lamps.

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A wide variety of drinking glasses

Many glasses of rose wine at wine tasting

Anyone can enjoy a rose.| Ekaterina Molchanova/iStock/Getty Images

As TreeHugger.com explains, you really only need nice wine glasses if you’re an avid vino drinker or you entertain a lot. Besides that, you really only need one set of multi-purpose glasses. In fact, they suggest using something similar to a stemless wine glass to get the job done. “Whether jelly jar, juice glass of something fancy, stemless glasses can switch hats between all kinds of beverages, and have the added bonus of not easily tipping over,” they say.

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A giant plant

Fragment of houseplant leaves on windowsill.

Plant | vaitekune/Getty Images

Many folks like having living plants in their homes. But having a gigantic plant in your entryway or in the corner of your living room is nothing more than another piece of furniture that needs to be cleaned and maintained. Domino suggests sticking to the occasional fresh-cut flowers or a couple succulents if you absolutely must have some green thriving in your home.

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Tons of Tupperware

Leftovers in tupperware

Leftovers in Tupperware | joebelanger/iStock/Getty Images

Keeping leftovers and eliminating too much food waste is good. But many of us have far more kitchen storage containers than we actually need. Take note of what containers are stained, broken, or are the wrong size and get rid of them. If you need to invest in new containers, try investing in a new set with a variety of sizes and stick with that.

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A bench at the foot of your bed

Brown leather bench at the foot of a bed | SimeonDonov/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Oh look, a decorative piece of furniture you can pile your clean laundry when you’re too lazy to put it away. Because really, isn’t that what most benches at the foot of a bed are used for? Long story short: You’re better off without this piece of furniture altogether.

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Baskets | littleny/iStock/Getty Images

The idea of organizing your home with baskets is great and all. Unfortunately, they take up space and tempt you to collect more clutter than you need. If you’re someone with many baskets laying around your house, consider taking inventory and getting rid of things you haven’t used in a year. Then take Domino‘s suggestion and store whatever else you need — maybe extra couch pillows and blankets — in streamlined bins you can put under your couch.

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A vanity

Bathroom vanity | hikesterson/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus

The idea of having a full-blown vanity is something many young girls dream of. But when it comes to growing up and having a home of their own, this piece of furniture is really a space-taker that temps you to store more bathroom essentials than you need. Consider sticking to a wall mirror and some modest shelving — it’ll take up less space than a vanity but still get the job done.

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Furniture in your entryway

Front entry way chic

Decorated entryway | Magnolia Market via Facebook

If you have a large entryway that needs to not look like a forgotten corner, a little decoration can help. But putting plants and furniture at the entrance of your home for the heck of it isn’t necessary. Take a cue from Domino and keep to a small accent piece to jazz up a small entryway — then leave it at that.

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A nightstand

1950 bedroom

1950 bedroom | vicnt/iStock/Getty Images

“A nightstand—i.e., a small table, often featuring a drawer, frequently sold as a set of two—is no more adept at being a bedside table than many of its furniture brethren,” Architectural Digest says. “We can all agree that a bedside table’s height should be roughly that of the reclining person who might be reaching over to it… so better to choose a piece of furniture best suited to the task than to rely solely on ready-made nightstands.” They also offer some alternatives to using a nightstand.

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Painted walls

Half painted room

Painting an empty wall | BorisRabtsevich/iStock/Getty Images

Sure, having color on the walls is nice. But it isn’t a must. “With enough bright and vibrant elements in a room, a lack of color on the walls will go unnoticed,” Domino points out. Surely, if you’re someone who rents instead of owns their home, skipping the paint can save a lot of time and money.

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Fine china

Painted China Dishes

A close-up picture of a beautiful old cupboard, filled with plates, glasses, and dishes. | Yuri Arcures/iStock/Getty Images

It probably looks gorgeous and has been passed down through your family. But your home isn’t going to be baron without it. Heck, having fancy plates you’re too nervous to eat off of is stressful! TreeHugger.com suggests having a set of nice dishware you can dress up and down depending on the occasion.

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A million throw pillows

Living room design with sturdy tweed sofa

Living room | Kwanchai_Khammuean/iStock/Getty Images

Here is the item that makes every list concerning household items you don’t really need. Because, really, who needs that many pillows? Where is everyone supposed to sit if the couch is covered in them? Consider swapping out a few pillows for a nice blanket instead.

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Too many specialty appliances

Waffles maker

Waffle iron | Bonchan/iStock/Getty Images

Make waffles every weekend? Then there’s no harm in having a waffle iron. But when it comes to kitchen appliances, we tend to go overboard buying the newest gadgets to only use them once or twice and then let them take up precious storage space. Consider taking inventory: If you haven’t used that soda stream once since you bought it, get rid of it.

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A filing cabinet

Filing cabinet | mrgao/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Yes, keeping personal records on paper can be important. But in an effort to save space — and likely, your sanity — do away with the gigantic filing cabinet and consider smaller accordion files whilst using your trusty CPU to help keep you organized and cut down on paper. (Or, at the very least, move that space-invading filing cabinet to your garage or a storage unit.)

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