5 Home Bar Tools Every Man Should Own

It’s possible you’ve lived your life this long without thinking about the tools you keep on hand for making drinks. That ends today. Everyone over the age of 21 who enjoys the occasional alcoholic beverage should be able to mix up a killer drink at any given time. Not only is it your duty as a host when you have people over, but it’s also good when you want to pull a Don Draper and enjoy an old fashioned after work. Equip yourself with the gear below, and you’ll have everything you need.

Wine bottle opener

Source: Brookstone

Wine bottle opener

Using cheap tools to open a bottle of wine can be a laborious, and even dangerous, process. After all, a sharp corkscrew applied with heavy force can result spilled blood. To make things easier and safer, you could buy an electric bottle opener, but those are often poorly made, and they break down easily. This wine bottle opener from Brookstone solves all of those problems with style. It’s sturdily built with high quality metal and it pulls out corks with minimal effort. Buy one here.

Cocktail shaker set

Source: Amazon

Cocktail shaker

There’s a reason James Bond takes his martinis shaken and not stirred. Shaking the ingredients lets them aerate while they slosh together, all while melting just the right amount of ice to add a splash of water to the mix. What you want in a shaker is a thin metal design that lets you feel how cold the drink is becoming, while also maintaining a secure seal. This highly-rated cocktail shaker checks all of the boxes. It even comes with a double jigger to measure your liquids and an e-book with classic cocktail recipes. Grab it here.


Source: Amazon

Citrus juicer

If you enjoy the occasional homemade cocktail, chances are you find yourself squeezing lots of limes, lemons, and oranges. Doing this by hand is a messy business. It’s also inefficient, because it leaves lots of juice in the smashed rind. To extract as much juice as possible and come away with clean hands, you’ll want to stock your bar with a citrus juicer. This one is fantastic, thanks to its extra gear mechanism, which further reduces the amount of pressure you’ll need to exert to squeeze the citrus. This juicer gets the job done right. Buy one here.

whiskey glass

Source: CHEFS Catalog


A proper home bar contains a variety of glasses for serving drinks. Even if you don’t have room for a full set of all of these glasses, it’s nice to have a selection on hand for the drinks you enjoy most often. These pint glasses are perfect for sipping on a cold beer; we recommend storing them in the freezer. Martini glasses are a must, because the stem lets you hold them without warming the drink with your hand. And a set of stylish whiskey glasses like these catch the eye and provide an excellent grip for sipping your Scotch, Manhattan, or any other drink you love.

Ice cube tray

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Ice cube mold

You can put any ice in your cocktails, but the fact is that bigger cubes are better. That’s because they keep your drinks at a consistent cold temperature and melt slowly, minimizing the diluting effect over time. And there’s no better way to make large ice cubes than by using a product made just for that purpose, like this one. Place one cube in your drink, and you can sip on it as slowly as you want, resting assured that the flavor and temperature will remain constant. Buy a pair of trays here.

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