6 James Bond-Worthy Bar Tools Every Secret Agent Needs

For generations, James Bond has maintained his status as the ultimate gentleman badass. He can seamlessly glide into nearly any role, from action hero to seducer of beautiful women to maker of refined cocktails. We’ll leave the other stuff alone for now; it’s those cocktails we’re interested in today (although making a fine cocktail might certainly won’t hurt you in the seduction department).

Here’s all the gear you need to create the ultimate James Bond bar at home.

1. Cocktail shaker

cocktail shaker

Source: Amazon

Everyone knows James Bond takes his martinis “shaken, not stirred.” So if you want to create a home bar worthy of the gentleman spy, you’ll need to start with a good cocktail shaker. What you want in a shaker is a thin metal design that lets you feel how cold the drink is becoming, while also maintaining a secure seal. This highly-rated cocktail shaker checks all of the boxes. It even comes with an e-book of classic cocktail recipes. Grab it here.

2. Martini glasses

Martini glass

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When it comes to martini glasses, some companies go a little crazy on the designs. From short stubby ones to zig-zag stems, these martini glasses are fine for some people, but not for Bond. A good martini glass is one that’s simple, classic, and elegant. This four-piece set from Libbey is perfect. Buy the set here.

3. Strainer

mesh strainer

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The cocktail shaker above has a built-in strainer, but the holes are a little larger than a cocktail aficionado like Mr. Bond would prefer. This can let through chips of ice that break off during a spirited shake, as well as small pieces of leaves or herbs that some drinks call for. To ensure your cocktail will turn out free of particles of any kind, you can pour it through an extra fine mesh strainer like this one. Buy one here.

4. Bar spoon

cocktail spoon

Source: Amazon

Despite his famous catchphrase, James Bond does drink plenty of cocktails that are stirred and not shaken. And the best way to stir a drink is with a bar spoon. Desirable qualities in a bar spoon include length, durability, and aesthetics. This one from Hiware has them all. It’s long enough to reach the bottom of a cocktail shaker, a tall highball glass, or even a pitcher without getting your fingers wet. It also looks great, and the twisted shaft provides an excellent gripping surface. Buy one here.

5. Citrus zester with channel knife

Channel knife

Source: Amazon

Bond’s signature martini — the one whose recipe appears in the 1953 novel Casino Royale — is called a Vesper. It’s a martini made from rather unusual ingredients, but author Ian Flemming has Bond explain it item by item to the bartender in the book. A Vesper’s garnish is a thin slice of lemon peel, and to get that, you’ll want to use a channel knife. This one from OXO can also zest lemons and limes, which often comes in handy while making other kinds of cocktails. Add it to your bar here.

6. Measuring jigger

Measuring jigger

Source: Amazon

The best measuring jigger for any Bond-approved bar is this one from OXO. The reason it rises above the competition is because its patented angled surface lets you easily read the measurements from a standing position, while other ones require you to duck down and look at the pour from the side. The measurements are shown in both tablespoons and ounces, making it easy to mix drinks no matter what recipe you’re using. Buy one here.

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