6 Pre-Made Spreads and Dips That Taste Homemade

With Labor Day weekend fast approaching, BBQ and pool party invites have probably been flooding your inbox for weeks. Choosing the right party to attend has been on your mind, followed closely by thoughts of what to bring. While we can’t help you make the decision of whose party you’ll be gracing, we can offer some suggestions for easy, no hassle sides you can contribute to any poolside BBQ.



Source: Slawsa

This slaw-salsa hybrid condiment (think of it as a predominantly cabbage-based relish with addictive heat undertones) is a must-have for Labor Day Weekend, as well as the kick-off to tailgating season. Not only is it perfect on grilling fare (hot dogs, bratwurst, burgers, pulled pork, fish, etc.), but it also serves as a great dip for tortilla chips. Slawsa is all-natural, fat-free, cholesterol-free, gluten-free, low in sodium, and kosher.

Pepper Relish

Veteran-owned company Our Mom’s Best offers a product men will truly love! The Hot or Sweet Pepper Relish is great right out of the jar as a side for any BBQ. Crunchy with coarsely chopped ingredients, this relish can be used on burgers, hotdogs, and is a great detour from traditional relish.

Peach Salsa

peach salsa

Source: iStock

Using those famous Georgia peaches, Stripling’s Peach Salsa delivers a pleasant surprise to your everyday salsa. Combining sweet peach flavors with the acidity of the tomato, this salsa is the perfect, unexpected addition to any appetizer table.


Bella Sun Luci’s line of sun dried tomato products compliments more than just an Italian dinner, and a sophisticated appetizer has never been easier. Open a jar of Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta and spread it on a toasted baguette or crackers – the perfect pairing for those enjoying a crisp glass of wine at the party.

Tribe Swirl

Tribe Swirl

Source: Tribe

A brand new, first-of-its-kind dip that looks as good as it tastes, Tribe Swirl reinvents the hummus eating experience by taking toppings that are traditionally placed atop hummus, and instead swirls them throughout the entire tub, making the last bite as flavorful as the first. Tribe Swirl is available in four flavors: Garlic & Herb, Sweet Red Pepper, Fiery Sriracha, and Salsa Hummus.

Collins Caviar

For a luscious and creamy seafood spread, Collins Caviar is the essential addition to any get-together. The spread is infused with low-salt caviar with all natural flavors featuring fruits, chilies, truffles, and more. The Caviar and Lobster Roe spread offers sublime flavors and is ideal for spreading on crackers, fresh French bread or topped on an appetizer. No need to leave the luxury behind with this delectable spread.

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