6 Tips for Creating a Perfect Breakfast #Foodstagram

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When it comes to drooling over spectacular breakfasts, Instagram is pretty much a guaranteed spot to get your foodie fix. Ever wonder why your #foodiegrams come out looking a little lackluster while others have built entire brands and careers off their stellar food photography? Look no further, we’ve got the top tips from Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury for Hilton (breakfast in bed + vacation = the best) on how to style one of the most popular types of foodgrams there are: Breakfast in bed. Now, let’s grab that morning paper and get started…

1. Think about colors

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“When styling a breakfast in bed tray, think about the colors you’re using,” says Fleur. “For example, when serving a fresh bowl of fruit, you might choose to accentuate the red of the strawberries by adding matching florals in a similar shade.”

2. Opt for simple dinnerware

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“Keep all of the attention on the food by opting for simple, elegant dinnerware,” suggests Fleur. “Classic white does a great job accentuating brightly-colored foods. This goes for the bed sheets as well, but make sure to ruffle them to make it look like you’ve had a good night’s sleep.”

3. Focus on the tray

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You got the delectable breakfast in bed recipes down; now you want to make sure you’re serving it on a tray that really elevates the food. “Bed trays should not only be stylish and beautiful but practical. A good breakfast tray should be easy to transport — foldable legs and convenient handles if possible — and large enough to hold plates, napkins, glasses and all the cute accouterments,” says Fleur.

4. Accessorize

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“Make breakfast in bed feel like a treat by adding some pretty accessories, such as a cloth napkin, mini spoons and knives for butter and jams, silver pots for coffee or tea and some flowers or reading materials like your favorite newspaper or magazine,” suggests Fleur. So pick up one of your favorite Christmas book gifts and get snapping.

5. Focus on lighting

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This one goes for all kind of Instagram shots: “Lighting is crucial! Skip the camera flash and place the breakfast tray close to a natural light source for a more inviting feel. Make sure the tray is facing the window and the light source is behind you when taking the shot,” advises Fleur.

6. Appeal to all of your senses

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“Breakfast in bed should celebrate all of the senses and thus, it shouldn’t just look good but smell and taste wonderful too. Classics like a flaky carb and a fresh pot of coffee always appeal to all of the senses!” says Fleur.

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