6 Unconventional Destinations for Your Next Vacation

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You’re planning your next vacation, but you want this one to be different. Maybe you’ve been to all of the standard tourist destinations, or maybe you just want to see a part of the world that’s a little bit unusual. These places are all unique in their own way and have one thing in common — they’re certainly not boring.

1. Mont St. Michel, France

This tidal island, found off the coast of Normandy, France, has tides that vary as much as 50 feet. During the 8th Century, a bishop established a small chapel there, which was followed by a Gothic abbey used as a prison during the French Revolution a few centuries later, according to the Los Angeles Times. In the 19th Century, a causeway connecting the island to the mainland was built, keeping the sea from washing away silt collecting around the island. When a dam also rose, land begin to creep up on the island, and the site now attracts millions of visitors each year. This island has it all: hotels, shops, restaurants, and plenty of events.

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2. Your very own Fiji Island

You, clear blue water, a tropical oasis, and nothing else. For a night, which can run you around $2,500, you won’t have to worry about anyone except invited guests. It’s just you and anyone else you bring with on the trip, says List 25. But, just because you’re alone doesn’t mean there still won’t be amenities that you look forward to on your trips. There will be luxurious lodging, meals, activities, and don’t forget, privacy.

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3. Roatan, Honduras

Roatan will bring you much more than a tropical vacation, amazing beaches, and great dining and restaurants. They’ve found a unique way to entertain tourists looking for something a little extra on their trip. Deep Sub Shark Adventures offers a week-long diving adventure exploring Roatan’s waters.

According to Huffington Post, “you’ll do traditional SCUBA dives, but also hop in a custom deep-water sub that descends 2,000 feet along the cliff walls of the Cayman Trench, where you’ll see some of the largest predatory sharks in the world. Each participant gets one five-hour dive at night (when the leviathan killers ascend from 6000 feet in the trench to 2000 feet to access food), and they keep the big boys around by luring them in close with deer carcasses and pig heads, which implode due to the pressure.” Hoping to join in on a deep sub shark adventure? It costs $3,900 per person.

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4. Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Known as one of the creepiest and bizarre tourist destinations, the Island of the Dolls, also known as La Isla De Las Muñecas, contains trees decorated with dolls. The old, mutilated toys were hung by the island’s sole resident. Their severed limbs and sullen faces adorn nearly every available surface of the island — and, if you don’t feel like spending too long at the creepy island, it’s just south of Mexico City, writes List 25.

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5. Greystone Castle Sporting Club, Texas

Medieval-style fortress? Check. Four thousand acres of every wildlife imaginable? Check. A hunting expedition of a lifetime? Also covered at the Greystone Castle Sporting Club. It houses five rustic, multi-suite lodges and an open-air courtyard, which is surrounded by “water buffalo, sable, wildebeest, Ibex, zebra and nyala. More traditional prey-stalking entails 200+ point whitetail deer, three catch-and-release trophy bass lakes known for producing 10+ pounders, and Orvis-endorsed wingshooting of quail, duck, pheasant, and partridges,” the Huffington Post writes. Greystone offers several packages, but the cheapest is a two-day corporate package that will cost $1,345 per person.

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6. Alberobello, Italy

This city, which dates back to at least the mid-14th Century, has a distinguishing architectural feature worth seeing. Its a construction technique called trulli, where structures are built from interlocking rocks without the use of mortar, resulting in cone-shaped dwellings, according to the Los Angeles Times. Alberobello contains some of Europe’s best examples of this architecture style.” And, according to Trip Advisor, you can find vacation rentals in Alberobello starting at around $68 per night.

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