6 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life


The average person who celebrates Valentine’s Day will spend about $142.31 this year on gifts and other romance-related goodies, according to US News & World Report. That goes a long way in the food realm, and even for a fraction of that, you can get something truly spectacular. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, if you’re not gifting your darling food lover champagne or roses, chances are they’ll be getting a nice box of — you guessed it — chocolate. But why not think outside the box and gift something truly memorable this February 14? Read on for our top foodie Valentine’s Day gifts picks.

1. Beer Me Socks by Foot Cardigan, $13


Source: Foot Cardigan

Your lucky man or lady won’t be missing the chocolate when they get these killer beer socks from quirky sock subscription service Foot Cardigan, which offers socks to protect your peepers with everything from pizza to martinis. Accompany the gift with your favorite brewskis, some cheese pairings, and we predict this V-Day will be the best night in, ever.

2. Erin McKenna’s Bakery + ALOHA Superfood Banana Donut, $4.25 per donut; $29 per baking set


Source: Erin McKenna’s Bakery and ALOHA

Start your donut engines: Pastry lovers will rejoice in Erin McKenna’s Vanilla Cake Mix, spiked with the healthy goodness of ALOHA Vanilla Protein and a satisfying drizzle of antioxidant-rich ALOHA Superfood Dark Chocolate Bar. Guilt-free treat? This is one vegan and gluten-free dessert we can get behind. And we’re all for buying a few donuts if you live by Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC locations, but we think the baking kits, which can be purchased online at ALOHA.com (with a meal donated to Food Bank For New York City with every Erin McKenna’s Bakery + ALOHA product purchased!) makes for a great couples activity on the big day.

3. Annie B’s Chocolate Lovers Caramel Tin, $30

annie bs

Source: Annie B’s

Chocolate? So expected. But caramels? Brilliant. The ultimate collection for chocolate caramel lovers, with 45 assorted caramels in flavors chocolate, chocolate sea salt, and chocolate raspberry. Bet you or your lover can’t have just one of these decadent, chewy delights. And better than a flimsy cardboard chocolate box, this sturdy tin makes for a great storage container long after your last caramel.

4. Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Kit Subscription, from $69 (three meals per week for two people)

hello fresh vday

Source: HelloFresh

Skip the dreaded restaurant reservation tango this Valentine’s Day this season with your epicurean lover and do something even more romantic: cook! All dudes want to provide the perfect date night dinner for their partners, and meal kit delivery brand HelloFresh, which recently partnered with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, makes it easy. Cook up healthy dinners like a culinary whiz with step-by-step photo illustrated instructions, and you’ll wonder why you tried that whole cooking thing any other way.

5. Victory Amory Condiments, from $24


Source: Victory Amory Condiments

What food fiend doesn’t love a good condiment? From Fine Herb Mayonnaise and Classic Lemon Mayonnaise to Champagne Ketchup and Apple Brandy Mustard, these intense and flavorful all-natural spreads will be a big hit for superstar hosts and newbie chefs alike. And while you’re ordering: Hide the champagne ketchup. Trust us.

6. Viniq, $18.99


Source: Viniq

As you probably know from dating one, all foodies are always on the lookout for the hottest and latest food and beverage trends. And this season’s hottest, happens to also be super fitting for Cupid’s Day to boot. Enter: Viniq. America’s First Shimmery Liqueur, we love Ruby Viniq to infuse flavor in tasty winter cocktails. Ruby is a hard-to-resist combination of premium vodka, Moscato, red berry, and tropical orange citrus juices that dazzles your taste buds just as much as it dazzles a glass in its reflective light.

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