This 6-Year-Old’s Drake-Themed Birthday Party Would Get His Stamp of Approval



When you step into a six-year-old’s birthday party as a young parent, you don’t expect to see what Abby Marquez did. She was attending a party for her best friend’s daughter, Leah, when she realized that this little girl had some pretty grown-up taste.

Leah’s party was, unknown to attendees until the arrived, a Drake-themed party.

Sure, that might be a standard them for high-schoolers, but this six-year-old was able to pull off the hosting duties with ease. Take a look at the awesome and adorable tweets and pics documenting the bash.

As you can see, Abby was a bit surprised when she arrived:


As for Leah’s love of the hip-hop star, it might extend past respecting and enjoying his music. Her mom says, “She loves everything about [Drake’s] music. She recently said she wanted to marry Drake when she’s older.”

Your move, Drake.

Credit’s due to Leah’s mom for managing to walk the fine line by throwing this type of party while keeping it age-appropriate:


I’m sure the other guests at the party venue were a little confused. And likely pretty jealous as well.


I’m not sure ALL the kids appreciate Drake (or even know who he is), but they got to dress up, play games, and eat pizza. So it’s win-win-win, right?

As you’ll see, even those who weren’t lucky enough to attend shared their well-wishes to the birthday girl

According to Leah’s mom, the whole thing was a huge success. She said, “She loved her party and was smiling from ear to ear the entire time.”

Now all she needs is a nod from the man himself, Drake, and we can close the books on this awesome party!