7 Hotels That Remind You of Another Era

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When planning a vacation, you don’t necessarily consider your accommodations as a potential adventure. Sure, everyone likes premium amenities and a nice view, but what if your hotel could offer all that and more — like a trip back in time? Carriages, castles, and a chance to live in the ‘40s are all possibilities when booking a room at these locations. Here’s a list of seven hotels guaranteed to transport you to another era.

1. Hotel Monteleone

This New Orleans hotel captures the history of the city’s French Quarter. “Built in 1886, the Beaux-Arts style high-rise transports you to the early city’s heyday as soon as you enter its majestic white marble-covered lobby,” according to CNN. “Done up in elegant style, author suites are named after favorite former guests William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and Truman Capote.” Be sure to stop by the Carousel Bar & Lounge for its specialty, the Vieux Carre Cocktail. Room prices start around $170.

La Grotta della Civita

2. Grotte della Civita

An 18-room hotel in Italy, it’s oozing with history. The rooms are characterized by unique shapes, special lighting, and simple decor made with recycled materials, according to the Huffington Post. You can expect original architecture, a cave-like feel to the rooms, and minimalist living while staying at the Grotte della Civita. Rooms start around $100.

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3. Grand Hotel

Prepare to enter a time when carriages roamed the streets. This Michigan hotel opened in 1887 and has kept most of its original character. According to CNN, be sure to check out its 660-foot porch, which is said to the longest in the world. “Guests can walk the entire length or sit in one of dozens of white rocking chairs and look out over Lake Huron.” Rooms start from $139.

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4. Tara Inn

Have you always wished you could relive Gone With the Wind? Then be sure to stop by the Tara Inn, which was inspired by the movie. The Pennsylvania-based hotel will take you straight back to the 19th Century. Guests can expect to experience the elegance and style with rooms such as the Garden Suite and the Plantation Suite. Rooms start around $200.

The Biltmore Hotel

5. The Biltmore Hotel

According to CNN, this Miami/Coral Gables is a castle in Florida, which has entertained guests such as the Vanderbilts, the Roosevelts, mobsters, celebs, and European dignitaries. “While you can no longer see weekly synchronized swimming and alligator wrestling, take swimming lessons from Johnny Weissmuller (before he was Tarzan), or dance to oversized jazz orchestras, there are still plenty of old school luxuries,” CNN writes. Try the golf course that was originally constructed in 1925 or relax and enjoy some afternoon tea. Rooms start from $209.

Castello Banfi Il Borgo

6. Castello Banfi Il Borgo

This Italian hotel in Tuscany was restored from a stone village, which dates back to the 17th Century, according to the Huffington Post. It was built around a medieval fortress, a castle, and a whole hamlet. It’s managed to keep the original facade of a Medieval building while restoring the inside with wooden beams, beautiful arches, and terra-cotta floors. One night at the Castello Banfi Il Borgo is sure to take you back in Tuscany time.

Beverly Hills Hotel

7. Beverly Hills Hotel

Ready to step back in time to the 1940s? The Beverly Hills hotel, built in 1912, has had visitors such as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Will Rogers, and Elizabeth Taylor. “From the ’40s-era Formica counter and pink stools of the Fountain Coffee Room to the canopied beds to the white-and-forest-green-striped Polo Lounge, it’s easy to forget which war is on,” CNN writes. While the hotel has undergone renovations and upgrades, it’s remained faithful to the original architecture and interior design.

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