8 of the Best Healthy Home Delivery Food Services

Most people consider it a miracle to get six hours of sleep so the thought of trolling the Internet looking for recipes, going grocery shopping, and then piecing it all together at home tends to hold little appeal. Luckily expanding your culinary horizons no longer means being relegated to Seamless. A growing crop of new healthy home delivery services have arrived to help you enjoy exactly what it is you like about being in the kitchen — without all the annoyances.

Do you like to cook but don’t have the time to shop for ingredients? Check-out Blue Apron. Do you want to learn how to cook, but don’t know where to start? Try PlateJoy. Hate to cook but looking to impress a girl? Go simple with Scratch and Grain.

Here’s a look at those services and more in our round-up of the best healthy home delivery food services.

1. Blue Apron

blue apron

Source: Blue Apron via Facebook

Blue Apron comes out to about $10 a meal. For that price you’ll get a box delivered to your doorstep with everything you need to create a healthy meal based on general taste preferences. The recipes, each of which take no more than 30 minutes, change weekly, and all of the ingredients are pre-portioned so there’s no waste. Plus Blue Apron focuses on working with local farmers meaning everything they send is in-season so their healthy dishes taste all the better.

2. PlateJoy

If you’re looking to cook for multiple people or to keep things exciting by making a number of different meals, but don’t know how — or don’t have the time — to plan it all out, PlateJoy will simplify your recipe and shopping list. For $10 a month, it will put together recipes for all your meals and give you an easy to print shopping list. Just fill in a few questions related to your dietary and lifestyle food preferences, and you’ll get a Pinterest-style grid with recipes (you can opt to delete and have them generate different ones if there are any you don’t like).  In addition, PlateJoy now offers ingredient delivery in 22 cities via Instacart’s grocery delivery service. [Update, 6/3/2016: This article has been updated to reflect that PlateJoy’s monthly cost has decreased from $14 to $10. In addition, it has been updated to show that PlateJoy now offers ingredient delivery to 22 cities.]

3. Hello Fresh


Source: Hello Fresh via Facebook

Hello Fresh stands out from its competitors by not only having an in-house Registered Dietician who puts her stamp of approval on every meal, but they’re the only brand with detailed nutrition fact labels on both their recipe cards and website. Their cook times tend to be shorter (around 30-35 minutes max. with only 5-6 steps) and they offer a variety of meal choices (three to five different recipes and they always have three vegetarian options).

4. Scratch and Grain

Who doesn’t love cookies? Even if you hate being in the kitchen Scratch and Grain will prove to be painless. Their boxes ($7.99 each) come with pre-portioned and numbered ingredients, all in separate pouches. Just follow the numbers to mix the items together (most of which are organic), add butter and eggs from your fridge, pop them in the oven, and that’s it! We’ve tried all of their flavors including chocolate chip, classic sugar, oatmeal raison, and chew peanut butter — do yourself a favor, and buy them all…

5. Hungryroot


Source: Hungryroot

Hungryroot delivers farm-fresh, 7-minute meals designed by Bravo Top Chef Masters’s Franklin Becker using spiralized vegetables as the base – think zucchini or beet or carrot or turnip noodles. All you have to do is sauté the faux pasta with a bit of olive oil and the pre-cooked ingredients that come with each package (think sweet potato noodles with creamy cashew Alfredo or Daikon noodles with Korean scallion gochujang). Each dish also comes with an add-on option like chicken, tofu, or roasted falafel to make it more filling without sacrificing its nutritional value.

6. Provenance Meals

Vegan? Paleo? Gluten-free? Looking to eat organic? Don’t have the time to do much besides re-heat your food, but still want to eat healthfully? This is the service for you. Every Tuesday you’ll get an email with a list of ready-to-eat, nutritionist-approved meals like Bulgogi steak with chili orange sauce and steamed broccoli, Thai carrot coconut soup, or blueberry paleo muffins. Next you just go to the Provenance Meals site and add what you like to your shopping cart. You have the option to make any product a subscription item, meaning you’ll automatically receive it each week at a discount. A three-meal package is $89 plus $12 delivery.

7. Quinciple


Source: Quinciple

If you want farm fresh ingredients but don’t have the time to hit your local farmer’s market, check out this service, which brings you enough fresh produce (including fruits, veggies, meat, fish, cheese, bread, produce, eggs, and pantry staples) to make at least two different dinners for two people. In addition to delivering the ingredients, they’ll give you recipes and tips, all of which change weekly. Home delivery is $49.90 per box/week.

8. The Purple Carrot

This service is entirely vegan. For $59 you can pick two out of four recipes, along with one snack, each week and the company will ship all the ingredients you need with a focus on fresh and organic produce. Each recipe makes enough for four meals. Snacks and dishes have included chickpea, coconut, and cashew curry, agave ginger tofu and veggie stir fry, black bean and kale tacos with fresh-made guacamole, and mint chocolate chip truffles.