7 of the Worst Kitchen Gadgets Ever

Kitchen gadgets have the power to change lives, for better or for worse. One gadget may leave people wondering how they got through life before. And another will leave them regretting the purchase. Don’t bother using the following kitchen gadgets.

Shredder claws

Meat Shredder claws

They’re really unnecessary. | Amazon

These “claws” are designed to “easily lift, handle, shred, and cut meats,” Bear Paw Products said. This doesn’t mean the utensils aren’t useful. They’re simply not useful for everyone. While they may be, “essential for BBQ pros,” as the brand suggests, for those not barbecuing regularly, they’re not needed.

Hint: Don’t use this gadget to keep avocados from turning brown.

Avocado saver

Avocado saver

Avocado savers don’t actually work. | Amazon

Saving every last bit of an avocado is a no-brainer. But an avocado saver won’t always keep an avocado fresh. They “don’t work,” a writer for The Cheat Sheet said. A less expensive trick is to run the avocado under water to create a barrier between the avocado and the air. Then wrapping the avocado tightly in plastic wrap keeps the avocado fresher, longer.

Hint: This gadget doesn’t work any better than a knife.

Strawberry huller

Strawberry huller

A knife does the job just as well. | Bed Bath & Beyond

Households can do without a strawberry huller. A knife is much more versatile than a strawberry huller, which has only one purpose. Invest in a high quality knife rather than purchasing a strawberry huller. The knife will see much more use.

Hint: Don’t use this gadget when cooking eggs.

Yolk separator

Yolk Separator

Again, it’s not really necessary. | Amazon

There’s a saying that goes something like this: “A cook’s best tools are their hands.” For this reason, no one needs a yolk separator. Like the strawberry huller, this gadget has one particular purpose. Most likely, the yolk separator will collect dust in a drawer because it’s more convenient to separate yolks by hand or use the egg shells.

Hint: Even pickle lovers don’t need this gadget.

Pickle picker

Pickle Picker

A fork will get you the same thing. | Bed Bath & Beyond

A Pickle Picker “only ‘spears’ the whole pickle,” according to reviewers, limiting the gadget’s use. “Save your $3.00 and use a fork – it’s worthless!” another reviewer said. We can’t help but agree. Use a fork, lest your kitchen cabinets fill up with hardly ever used gadgets.

Hint: Tuna cans come with this built-in tool.

Tuna press

Tuna Presser

The cans come in with a built in press. | Fry’s

A can of tuna comes with a built-in tuna press. A fact the inventors of the tuna press must hope people forget. Why use a tuna press when the lid of the can works just as well? We suggest only buying the cans of tuna and going without the tuna press.

Hint: Skip this banana slicer.

Banana slicer

Banana Slicer

This will just collect dust. | Amazon

Another useless kitchen gadget is the banana slicer. A knife works just as well if not better to slice a banana. It seems gadget inventors are doing everything they can to overshadow the many uses of a kitchen knife. Skip the banana slicer and use a knife to slice a banana.

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