7 Signs You Have 1 of the Cutest Dogs Ever

woman loves her dog

People with cute dogs have a little different experience with pet ownership. | Manuel-F-O/iStock/Getty Images

People with really cute dogs live life a little differently than your average dog owner. From getting stopped on the street by strangers, to your dog developing a diva complex, read on to find out the signs that you have one of the cutest dogs ever.

1. People regularly stop you on the street

Your dog is so cute you can barely take him on a walk without being stopped by strangers. Of course, you don’t mind, you get it — how could you not want to pet your little cutie? Every time you leave the house, the two of you always seem to make a few new friends. 

2. Your friends want to come over all the time

Woman holding dog on her lap

People want to come hang out with you — but mostly your dog. | Banepx/iStock/Getty Images

If you get a really cute dog, you’ll notice your friend group start to suggest hanging out at your place a lot more often. Nowhere to go? No problem, let’s just all hang out at Kelsey’s house and watch a movie (and take turns cuddling her dog)! 

3. The photos you post of your dog get more attention than photos of you

Dog is lying on back on the bed

Your dog will steal the show. | iStock.com/Chalabala

Get a cute dog and your friends and family will want you to turn your personal Instagram into an Instagram for your dog. Post a selfie: 47 likes. Post a picture of your dog in a sweater: 213. When you first get your adorable furry friend and begin to post pictures of him, you’ll notice comments like “More please!” begin to pop up. The people have spoken, it’s just easier to give them what they want.  

4. Your dog begins to develop a diva complex

french bulldog outside

He might start strutting around like he’s the star (which he is). | iStock.com/WilleeCole

One of the negative side effects of having a really, really cute dog is that he’s bound to realize how cute he is sooner or later. When he realizes just how adorable he is, he’ll start to try to get away with stuff. He’ll perfect his “puppy dog eyes” and it’ll start to become difficult to remember who’s in charge. It’s important to stay strong. 

5. People ask whether you’ll be bringing your dog when you’re invited somewhere

Morning walk with dog (black labrador retriever)

Your dog becomes your plus-one. | Chalabala/iStock/Getty Images

When you get a really cute dog, you’ll notice that you’ll be getting a lot more plus-one invites all of a sudden (with the understanding that your plus-one is your dog). Your friends will ask you to bring your dog to their cocktail party, to a brunch they’re hosting, to their birthday celebration, the list goes on.  

6. Strangers will try to secretly take pictures of your dog

White dog in bike basket

You won’t be able to go out in public without meeting some paparazzi. | iStock.com/MarijaRadovic

When you go out in public with your dog, some people will come up to the two of you and ask to pet him. Then there are some people who feel more comfortable admiring your dog from afar and will try to sneak pictures of him without you noticing. You’ll get used to it — just think of them as your dog’s own paparazzi. 

7. You feel like you’re best friends with a celebrity

dog with funny sunglasses

People will remember you because of your dog. | iStock.com/damedeeso

Speaking of paparazzi, having a really cute dog is a lot like being friends with a celebrity. Between the secretive photos, the people who come over to simply get more face-time with your dog, and not being sure if you get invited places because of your personality or your furry best friend, you’re basically hanging out with a celebrity. Sure, your little furry buddy gets all the spotlight, but you don’t mind one bit because he’s your very best friend.

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