7 Travel Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Regardless of your final destination or your reason for traveling, the journey can set the stage for an entire trip. Obnoxiously loud noises on a plane, accidentally leaving your wallet at a newsstand, and a dead phone battery aren’t exactly the ingredients for a great experience. You might not be able to eliminate every frustration, but you can make things a lot better by arming yourself with the right gear.

Stock your bag with these seven gadgets to make your next trip so much better. And don’t forget about the other jet-setters in your life because these items all make stellar holiday or birthday presents. The gift of headache-free travel is pretty hard to beat.

1. Cootree Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Cootree Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Source: Amazon

Every mode of transportation is a little bit different, but they’re all incredibly noisy. This is bad news for anyone trying to get some work done or catch up on some much-needed sleep. Many travelers have long sworn by noise-canceling headphones to cut out all the additional racket. It’s always been a smart strategy, so long as you could deal with a massive headset. Thankfully, these oversized models aren’t the only option anymore. Our pick is Cootree’s wireless earbuds because they’re so much smaller, lighter, and more comfortable. They’re also a great option for athletes since you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in a long cord. Grab Cootree’s Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds here.

2. Mophi Powerstation XL

Mophie Powerstation SL

Source: Amazon

Traveling with electronics helps ward off boredom when you’re stuck in the airport terminal or the passenger sear during a long road trip, until you run out of battery power. You’ll never have to worry about a dead phone or tablet again with this juice pack from Mophie. This tiny pack is capable of fully charging eight devices and can even do two at a time. Because the charger is designed to work super fast, you won’t have to go long before you can get right back to texting, calling, or playing the latest smartphone game. Buy the Mophie Powerstation XL here.

3. Amazon Kindle Fire with 7-Inch Display

Kindle Fire 7-Inch Display

Source: Amazon

The longer the trip, the more layovers you’ll encounter. Many like to pass the time by reading a book or two, which can be frustrating because they weigh a ton and take up a lot of space inside your bag. With a 7-inch Kindle Fire from Amazon, you can carry as many books as you want without taking up more than a sliver of space. Reading material isn’t the only thing this tablet does, either. You can also surf the web, listen to music, and watch videos. The battery lasts for up to 7 hours, making this a must-have device for long trips.

4. Arteck Universal Blacklit Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Artech Universal Bluetooth Keyboard

Source: Amazon

Unless a laptop is strictly necessary for your next journey, you’re better off leaving it behind because they usually take up a ton of space and cause some serious hassles with TSA. Since you’re probably already taking a tablet and a smartphone, you can turn the devices into a makeshift computer just by using this wireless, universal keyboard from Arteck. It’s remarkably light, compatible with most devices, and has six months of batter life, making it appropriate for every type of traveler. Buy Arteck’s Universal Blacklit Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard here.

5. Tile Gen 2

Tile Gen 2

Source: Amazon

The only thing worse than forgetting to pack a valuable you need for your trip is remembering to pack it, but accidentally leaving it at the airport or a gas station. With Tile Gen 2, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your keys, wallet, or other pricey items ever again. Here’s how it works: Just attach a Tile tag to all of your important items. When you lose something, the Bluetooth tracker will help you find the item with a sound alert or a picture on a map. It can even force your silenced phone to ring.

The most convenient part about Tile is it can keep track of numerous things at the same time. You can purchase as few as one or as many as 12 tags at a time depending on how many items you want to track. This is especially great for parents traveling with children who refuse to leave home without their favorite toys. No more tears over losing Mr. Bear.



6. Wacaco MiniPresso GR Expresso Maker

Minipresso Espresso Maker

Source: Amazon

The days of choking down a horrible cup of coffee while on the road are finally gone thanks to this handheld espresso maker from Wacaco. It’s completely hand-operated, so you can brew a great cup of joe in the middle of the woods just as easily as at your house. All you need to make this 0.8-pound device work are some ground beans and a bit of hot water. Because MiniPresso costs a fraction of what you’d shell out for a traditional espresso maker, you can get one for all of the coffee lovers in your life. Buy Wacaco’s MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker here.

7. The Carry On Cocktail Kit 3-Pack Holiday Set

Carry On Cocktail Kit for airplane

Source: Amazon

This one definitely isn’t a gadget, but it makes getting to your final destination so much better. Most flights offer a selection of wine, beer, and liquor, indicating downing a few drinks to take the edge off a flight is nothing new. Most of these beverages leave a lot to be desired, though. Instead of suffering through another bland lager or artificial-tasting bloody Mary, mix up your own drink with The Carry On Cocktail Kit. These TSA-approved packs come with enough ingredients to make two cocktails plus all the equipment you need. You can buy single tins, but we suggest going for a set of three. Just purchase the correct spirit, make your drink, and get ready for the most sophisticated flight ever.

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