7 Travel Must-Haves for 2016

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If you’re like a lot of guys, travel is probably on your agenda for 2016. But when it comes to getting away, sometimes deciding what to pack in your suitcase can be as difficult as deciding where to go, especially with new products being launched every day that promise to make travel less stressful and more efficient. When there are so many options, it can be hard figure out what’s worth buying and what you should skip. To help you out, we’ve rounded up seven products that we think will be travel must-haves in 2016.

1. BauBax Jacket

baubax jacket

Source: Baubax Facebook

You probably heard of BauBax last summer, when the product’s inventor, Hiral Sanghavi, managed to raise $9 million on Kickstarter to produce his innovative travel jacket (his original goal was a modest $20,000). The jacket looks like your average hoodie but has 15 features designed to make travel more comfortable, like a built-in inflatable neck pillow, eye mask hidden in the hood, a zipper that doubles as a pen and stylus, and separate pockets for your phone, sunglasses, and passport. It’s available for pre-order now. Windbreaker, bomber, and blazer styles are also available if a hoodie isn’t your style.

2. RHA T10 Earbuds

rha t10 earbuds

Source: Amazon

Space is at a premium in your carry-on luggage, and you don’t want to waste it on a bulky pair of headphones. Enter these compact, customizable earbuds, named one of the best travel products of 2015 by the experts at Travel & Leisure. They’re noise-isolating, come with 10 sets of ear tips in different shapes and materials, and feature moldable over-the-ear hooks so that they’ll stay where you want them. Plus, you get a sleek carrying case to keep them safe when not in use.

3. LugLoc

lug loc luggage locator

Source: LugLoc

LugLoc promises that you’ll never have to endure the hassle of a lost bag again. Just place the device in your suitcase and you’ll be able to monitor its location in real time with your smartphone. The cool tool, which won first place in the product innovation category at the 2015 International Travel Goods Show, offers valuable peace of mind to any anxious traveler, especially those who travel with expensive, hard-to-replace gear, like musical instruments or sports equipment.

4. Narrative Clip 2

man wearing narrative clip 2

Source: Narrative

The Narrative Clip — a small, wearable camera that automatically takes a picture every 30 seconds – isn’t for everybody. But for those addicted to documenting their lives, the device is essential. The second-generation Narrative Clip 2 addresses some of the weaknesses of the original Narrative Clip; the camera’s been upgraded to 8 megapixels from the original 5, now comes with WiFi, and can record video in addition to capturing still images. While it won’t replace a thoughtfully composed photograph, avid travelers will appreciate a device that automatically records every moment of their journey, leaving them free to enjoy the actual experience. The Narrative Clip 2 is available for preorder now.

5. Zolt

zolt charger

Source: Zolt

Get rid of that tangled mess of cords at the bottom of your backpack with the Zolt, a 70-watt pocket-sized charger for your laptop, phone, and other devices. It fits in the palm of your hand but manages to squeeze in ports for your laptop and two other gadgets. It also rotates 90 degrees to free up other outlets. The Wall Street Journal declared named it the top pick for multi-port wall chargers, especially since it eliminated the need for hotel guests to “commando-crawl under the bed to unplug the lamp or aging alarm clock.”

6. MoJoe

MoJoe brewer

Source: MoJoe Brewing Co.

On-the-go caffeine addicts will never have to settle for another cup of inferior hotel room coffee or overpriced airport joe with the MoJoe, a combination travel mug and coffee brewer. You add grounds and water to the cup, then press a button when you’re ready to brew. In a few minutes, you’ll have a cup of hot, fresh coffee (you can also make tea and hot chocolate). The all-in-one device is also perfect for camping and road trips – anywhere where finding a decent cup of coffee is a challenge. The MoJoe isn’t available for purchase yet, but you can sign up to get yours by donating to the Kickstarter campaign.

7. Prynt

Prynt photo printer

Source: Prynt

Digital images are nice, but there are probably times when you want to document your globe-trotting with a photo on actual paper. Prynt, which turns your smartphone into an instant photo printer, lets you do that. Just snap the case onto your device and you can print your latest snapshots in seconds – kind of like a 21st-century Polaroid. Plus, each photo contains a hidden 6-second video that you can see when you point your phone at the printed image. We think it’s the perfect marriage of old and new technology.

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