7 Ugly Things You Should Never Have in Your Home

Some home décor decisions — such as all-white kitchens and painted fireplaces — are up for debate. That’s partly because many home decorating decisions depend on the situation. For example, wall-to-wall tile floors may work in some climates, but they’re not exactly practical if you live in Alaska (unless you like cold feet).

But then there are those hated home accessories or décor elements that almost no one can stand. These trends have fallen so far out of favor that keeping them around won’t just make your houseguests question your taste — it could even affect your home value if you try to sell.

So there’s just one question left to answer: Do you have any of these ugly items in your home?

1. Popcorn ceilings

Scraping the ceiling often requires a professional. | iStock/Getty Images

Also called cottage cheese ceilings, these textured eyesores were unnecessary and, in some situations, flecked with glitter. They were popular between the 1930s and 1980s because they easily hid imperfections and had acoustic properties. However, the backlash against them has been swift and brutal.

Besides just being ugly, popcorn ceilings could potentially contain asbestos. Asbestos fibers won’t harm you if you don’t disturb them. But if you decide to renovate your home and go for a smooth look on the ceiling, you might need to hire a professional to remove them, which could add significant costs to your reno budget.

2. Porcelain dolls

Porcelain doll in red dress

These might scare some people. | Stockbyte/iStock/Getty Images

To some, porcelain dolls are valuable collectibles. But most people just find them creepy.

There’s nothing wrong with dolls that little kids play with. But the kind of dolls that get propped up on metal stands with tiny, breakable faces and dead staring eyes are nothing more than creepy dust collectors. Do they come to life at night? Of course not. But they look like they might, and that alone is terrifying enough.

3. Novelty lamps

Christmas Story 20 inch Leg Lamp

Decorative lamps are fine, but don’t take it too far. | Amazon

Maybe it’s the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Maybe it’s a gag gift lamp shaped like a golf club. Really, the options for hideous lamps are endless.

The lamps in your home shouldn’t be plain and boring, but don’t take your love of unique finds too far in the other direction. A simple, classic lamp will provide light, and best of all it won’t frighten the neighbors.

4. Fluorescent lighting

flourescent lights

Get rid of these old lights. | stocksnapper/iStock/Getty Images

Why exactly would you want the most unflattering light ever created in your own home?

This ’80s trend is still hanging around some houses, and if you’re guilty of harboring this relic from the past, it’s way past time for a lighting upgrade. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on changing your fixtures. But for the sake of looking decent in your own home, it’s time to ditch those fluorescents.

5. Clowns

Pennywise attends London Comic Convention

Clowns tend to creep out lots of people. | Tolga Akmen/AFP/Getty Images

Blame the movie It for this one. Clown décor isn’t just ugly, it’s downright scary.

Even if your cheerful clown-shaped nightlight looks nothing like Stephen King’s leering Pennywise, it’s still best to avoid clown figurines and artwork in your home. Turns out clowns aren’t that funny after all.

6. Chain-link fences

dog behind chain-link fence

It works as a fence, but it’s not very visually appealing. | malivoja/iStock/Getty Images

Sure, it may serve a purpose, but there’s still something about a chain-link fence that just screams “prison block.”

If you have pets or kids to corral in your yard, consider upgrading to wood or vinyl fencing, or at least camouflage the chain link with some decorative shrubbery or vines.

7. Linoleum

linoleum floor with mop and bucket

Dated linoleum isn’t a great look. | Songbird839/iStock/Getty Images

That tired, faded, floral print linoleum flooring from the ’90s isn’t doing your kitchen any favors.

If new tile isn’t in the budget, you can paint your linoleum floors to give them a little bit of a facelift until you can afford to replace them. Consider a funky design, such as black and white stripes, or try a neutral, such as gray, and add some stencil art on top.

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