8 Products That Are More Useful Than They First Appear

It’s easy to get caught up in the madness of our consumer-driven world, and it can be difficult to choose the right products in a sea of advertising and marketing ploys. But when you’re after the best multi-functional product out there, whether it be a small, everyday convenience or a wildly helpful tool, some inventions stand above the rest. Here are 8 of the best dual-use products you need right now.

1. Coolbox


Coolbox | Source: Coolbox

Delivering an updated, modern twist on the traditional worker’s toolbox, the Coolbox integrates multiple features with its all-in-one type creation. As a product that incorporates features you’d never expect in a toolbox, the Coolbox is the hipster’s answer to the lackluster toolbox you’ve used for decades, without sacrificing any of the burly functionality. When the price point came into question during the product’s recent airing on Shark Tank, founder Chris Stoikos defended the price tag, claiming that most workers bring several different components to a job site. However, the Coolbox already has all those built in — including an internal battery, clock, power ports, bottle opener, speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, detachable LED lamp, mobile device integration, whiteboard, and more — and there’s great value in all of that being found in one spot. We couldn’t agree more.

2. Best Morning Ever Mug

Coffee mug

Coffee mug | Source: Best Morning Ever

Well, if there were ever one thing you absolutely shouldn’t live without, it’s the delightful combination of hot coffee and a warm doughnut. Luckily, someone has invented the Best Morning Mug Ever, which also happens to be the answer to all your lazy Sunday morning prayers. With the ability to keep coffee hotter, longer, the real dual functionality comes with the design on the top of the mug, which can hold and warm a doughnut, or another pastry.

You might be thinking that you could maybe do this with any ordinary coffee mug that has a lid, but c’mon, where’s the fun in that? This product was specifically designed to keep your coffee hot while holding, and warming, your doughnut on top. In fact, its launch was so well-received that the product ended up reaching over 300% of its goal on Kickstarter, and was even featured on Good Morning America. Now that’s how you make some dough (nuts).

3. LEKI Folding Camp Chair with Cooler

LEKI Folding Camp Chair with Cooler

LEKI Folding Camp Chair with Cooler | Source: Leki

Never lose your seat at the campfire again. As a lightweight, folding chair perfect for all your outdoor adventures, the LEKI Chiller not only comes equipped with a cup holder, but its carrying case Velcros to the front of the chair once it’s assembled, transforming into a convenient cooler to store your brews.

4. Hang-O-Matic


Hang-O-Matic | Source: Hang-o-Matic

Anyone who’s ever done any type of home improvement work knows just how frustrating it can be to have to go searching for tools mid-project. Well, the Hang-O-Matic is your solution to this problem, serving as 3 tools in 1, and a definite essential for every man. Whether you’re a corporate worker living in a mansion or a chill dude living out of a camper, the Hang-O-Matic comes in handy when you need it, delivering a tape measure, level, and sliding markers on the tape so you can mark the wall without using a pencil, all in one convenient tool.

5. Floating Sunglasses from Rheos Gear

Floating Sunglasses

Floating Sunglasses | Source: Rheos Gear

For anyone who loves being on the water, you know the dilemma. You need to bring your shades along and you have probably lost a pair or two to the aqua gods. Losing your sunglasses and money can be a doozy, but luckily, with Rhea’s new line of Floating Sunglasses, you’ll no longer have to worry about either. From whitewater enthusiasts to luxury boaters, these shades are affordable, durable and, of course, they won’t sink to the bottom of the ocean, river, lake, or bay.

6. LoopRope


LoopRope | Source: Loop Rope

It might look like just your average bungee cord, but LoopRope is so much more. Take advantage of the many ways you can use this product, and you’ll understand why it’s better than other competitors on the market. Fully adjustable and linkable, the LoopRope will never tangle, and can be used for securing gear to your vehicle, raft, quad or ATV; as a clothesline at camp; as a method to quickly dock a sport boat and jet skis; or as a dog leash. One simple product, tons of great uses.

7. Stainless Steel Fine Tooth Bottle Opener Go-Comb

Stainless Steel Fine Tooth Bottle Opener Go-Comb

Stainless Steel Fine Tooth Bottle Opener Go-Comb | Source: Go-Comb

Because who doesn’t need a comb that doubles as a bottle opener? The Bottle Opener Go-Comb is two useful applications in one tiny package — a lightweight comb no bigger than a credit card, and a bottle opener. Now, you can keep your hair in check and open your favorite beer all at once.

8. Kulr


Kulr | Source: Kulr

Say hello to your new favorite cooler. The Kulr is the updated, modern, sophisticated version of the classically plain ice box that will grab the attention of any true man of leisure. With its sleek, modern design, the Kulr not only makes a statement, it provides everything you need for a day in the sunshine. Of course, no party would be complete without good tunes, and with Kulr’s built-in, splashproof Bluetooth speakers, you’ll get best-in-class sound. The smart, modular design includes a storage compartment for personal items, along with a battery charger to ensure your phone won’t be dying anytime soon. With additional essentials like a bottle opener, flashlight, and a removable inner container, you’ll soon realize why the Kulr is this year’s summertime essential.

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