9 Ways to Save Money on Wine and Spirits This Holiday Season

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Curious about how to save serious beer money this winter? We were too. And if you’re anything like us, as the holiday season comes on in full swing, our wine, beer, and spirits consumption is ticking up, up, and away. From picking up a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon for a hostess gift, to having a few extra bottles of whiskey on hand for at-home celebrations, it’s no wonder it feels like five o’clock just about everywhere. Read on for Coupons.com savings expert Jeanette Pavini’s smart tips for saving money on your bundle of booze this holiday season.

1. Use a decanter for cheaper wine to bring out the flavor

“You can find great decanters online for around $20,” says Pavini. Target, Macy’s, and Amazon all have great online options.

2. Use Coupons.com to look for deals from websites like Wine.com

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Right now, the site has a coupon for saving up to 50% on domestic wines. Add the site to your favorites toolbar, and check regularly for deals. To save money on the go, download Coupons.com’s handy app.

3. Make sure you call around to see which neighborhood spots offer the best deals

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Here’s a fun but little-known fact: “Most stores will give you a ten percent discount if you buy by the case,” shares Pavini.

4. Buy online in bulk at the beginning of the holiday season

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“You’ll save big this way!” Pavini says. Sure, you could wait until the last minute, but just trust us on this one.

5. Create a go-to cocktail

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“Buy a sophisticated-looking punch bowl [like this one for $29.99, on sale from Macy’s] and come up with a signature cocktail to serve all season long,” says Pavini. “You’ll be able to buy the spirits and additional ingredients in bulk, and friends and family will associate the delicious drink with your parties!” Need some inspiration? Check out our post about holiday cocktails for every occasion, and you’ll be buzzing with ideas in no time.

6. Choose a second label

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This tip is so brilliant, we can’t believe we haven’t been doing it since our newbie days as a 21-year-old. “Find out if your favorite wine brand produces a second label. These lines utilize younger vines or grapes that weren’t up to the standards set for the primary line, and are often aged for a shorter amount of time,” says Pavini. “But, it’s still a wine from the same producer you enjoy, and [you can have it] at a lower price.”

7. Score warehouse prices

You can buy alcohol at Costco without a membership | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

“You can shop for alcohol at a warehouse club even if you don’t have a membership. Alcohol laws vary state-to-state, but in general stores can’t charge a membership fee for alcohol purchases, so score deals on your holiday wine and spirits even if you’re not a member,” suggests Pavini. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to pick up a few liters.

8. Redeem your rebates

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Get your rebates in on time to save money | iStock.com

“Rebates are a common find in the alcohol aisle, and as long as you remember to mail them in, you can save a lot of money. Often it requires a food and alcohol purchase like a wine company offering a $10 rebate when you spend $30 on groceries. Others will give you a certain amount off your groceries instantly,” Pavini explains. So make a reminder in your calendar to send ‘em in.

9. Expand your horizons

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Be willing to try wines from various locations and vintners | iStock.com

If you’re stuck on wine from the Napa Valley, you’re probably going to pay a premium,” states Pavini. “But if you venture your taste buds outside of the United States, you can typically get a quality bottle of wine for less. Up-and-coming and/or less popular regions offer great value. This season, consider wines from places like Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Portugal and you may just get more bang for your wine buck.”

Cheers to a happier and more affordable holiday toast!

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