A Brewery at Disneyland Is Coming … Here’s Why You Need to Visit

Visiting Disneyland (don’t visit during the summer — here’s why) is a much different experience as a child than as a adult. As a child, the experience means endless rides and meeting your favorite characters. Disney is doing more to attract an older audience these days. A brewery is coming to Disneyland.

Opening soon

people visit disneyland and walk over commemorative bricks with

Disneyland will be attracting a different sort of crowd with this one. | Meinzahn/iStock/Getty Images

The brewery will open in late 2018, according to Thrillist. The 21-and-over attraction will involve Disney touches as every aspect of Disneyland does. Exclusive Disneyland beers will be available. Enjoy the brews because they’re only available at this one location.

Hint: Expect a California based brewery.

About Ballast Point

Ballast point brewing beer

They have several locations across California. | Ballast Point Brewing Company via Facebook

Ballast Point is a California-based brewery. The founders meet at UCLA and open Ballast Point in 1996. Seven locations are scattered across California, with the Disney location on the way. The brewery is big on research and development which falls in line with Disney’s ethos.

Hint: The companies are taking risks doing what they’ve never done.

A first for both companies

Ballast Point Brewing company downtown Disney drawing

This will be the first brewery at Disneyland. | Ballast Point Brewing Company via Facebook

This endeavor is a first for Disney and Ballast Point. The Disney location will be Ballast Point’s first brewery in Orange County, California. As for Disney, a brewery has yet to be located at Disneyland. Time will tell how visitors react to the new park addition.

Hint: Expect a massive brewery.

Ballast Point at Disneyland

Ballast Point Brewing company downtown Disney

The huge brewery will be all about fun for those 21 and over. | Ballast Point Brewing Company via Facebook

The brewery will be similar to how Disneyland is for kids, an experience. The brewery isn’t simply a place to grab a beer. The location will be 7,300 square feet in size. Those 21 and over may enjoy hours of fun at Ballast Point, then venture off and see the rest of Disneyland.

Hint: SoCal cuisine will be served.

What visitors can expect

Ballast Point brewing

There is a seasonally-inspired menu and tasty beers. | Ballast Point Brewing Company via Facebook

Enjoy the California sunshine while sipping drinks at Disneyland’s outdoor beer garden. Seek shade in the brewery’s restaurant featuring “a menu touting a “taste of San Diego” with seasonally-inspired menu options, many of which will incorporate Ballast Point beer in the recipe,” according to Thrillist.

Hint: The brewery will be located in a bustling spot.

Downtown Disney location

Downtown Disneyland

It will join all the other establishments in Downtown Disney. | Disneyland

The brewery will be a new addition to the Downtown Disney District. Downtown Disney is a “lively promenade featuring distinctive eateries, unique shops and exciting entertainment,” according to Disney. Ballast Point will fit right in among the other restaurants and shops in the district. However, the brewery will be one of the few serving alcohol.

Hint: More location perks

Additional perks of the brewery’s location

Ballast Point Brewery

Resort guests can also enjoy the brewery. | Ballast Point Brewing Company via Facebook

For those staying at a Disney Resort, the brewery will be easily accessible. So, not only with park guests get to enjoy the new addition to Downtown Disney but resort guests will too. Although, the exact Downtown Disney location of the brewery is unknown. One thing is for sure, beer connoisseurs will have a reason to visit Disneyland.

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