15 GIFs of Adorable Animals Enjoying the Snow to Help Chase Away Your Winter Blues

This winter season has been an extremely rough one. Each year, it seems, the winters get harder and harder. But with every snow day comes a lot of mixed feelings. Some people are elated, while others are in misery. If you’re either, here are 15 adorable GIFs of animals that are so much like us.

15. Puppies + snow = heaven

A dog playing with puppies on a snow day

A dog and its puppies can’t be kept from the snow. | Giphy

If you don’t enjoy a cluster of puppies in full play on a snow day, how do you live? There’s nothing more adorable than these puppies and their mother having some fun.

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14. Nothing to see here

Panda rolling down a hill

This panda is just rolling through life. | Giphy

Some snow days are rough on people and they just need to get through the day. Animals are no different in that regard.

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13. Some legs aren’t meant for the snow

Corgi leads into the snow.

Even animals get stuck in the snow. | Giphy

The infamous corgi: Such cute waddles and adorable faces, but very little practicality in the deep snow. Hopefully, you don’t have legs this short in a snowstorm if you’re an animal.

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12. I didn’t know corgis could do backflips

Dog attacks snow and does a backflip

I did not know they could do backflips. | Giphy

Given their shortcomings (see what I did there?), it’s a wonder that this feat is even possible. Yet, here we are, witnessing glory. All hail the magnificent corgi!

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11. Just getting through the day

Polar bear sliding through the snow.

How it feels getting through traffic on a snow day. | Giphy

Somedays can seem like they’re taking forever. Snow days can do the same if you’re always stuck in them.

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10. I hope it wasn’t an engagement ring

fox nose dives into the snow.

I wonder what’s under there? | Giphy

If you have ever had the horror of dropping something into the deep snow, then this GIF should speak to you on a molecular level.

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9. Such elegance

red panda in the snow

Red pandas are just awesome. | Giphy

This red panda isn’t really doing anything significant here. Nevertheless, red pandas are awesome. Just enjoy its elegant saunter through the snow.

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8. Possum moves, bro!

Possums love to ski as well.

Possums love winter sports too! | Giphy

Yes, you are seeing what you think you’re seeing. That is a possum riding on a ski on the mountain. And yes, that was an amazing pun. You’re welcome.

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7. Talk about being underprepared

Dog walking on its front legs ion the snow.

It’s way too cold to not have some protection for your feet. | Giphy

Some animals and humans, especially ones who are not used to the snow, are severely underprepared for the elements. They are as easy to spot, like this little dog trying to keep its feet warm.

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6. Live that hot tub life

Two monkeys in a hot spring grooming each other.

Sometimes a hot tub is all you need for the perfect snow day. | Giphy

Every animal needs a bit of time to relax. Nothing is better on a snow day than a little spa treatment and a hot tub.

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5. No sense in being cold

A monkey in snow clothing in the snow

Even some animals need extra protection out there. | Giphy

Animals are generally covered in fur, and that can help keep them warm in the winter. Sometimes, however, you do need that extra layer of protection.

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4. “I hate everything,” says every cat ever

Cat sitting at the window when it is snowing.

We all have that friend. | Giphy

Cats generally have the demeanor of a nihilist at a social gathering. This cat is no different. If you can relate to this cat, we feel for you.

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3. When the squad rolls through together

3 Penguins jumping out of the ice.

When you and your squad show up for the snow day. | Giphy

Anyone who truly enjoys a snow day definitely has a group of like-minded friends. This is how they show up at any snow-related event.

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2. Parenting on a snow day

Penguins walking their offspring.

Every parent knows the struggle of teaching their kid how to walk in the snow. | Giphy

If you are a parent and are having to teach the little one how to get through the snow, this GIF should speak to your heart. The struggles of parenting are only magnified on a snow day. Even for our animal friends.

Next: Some just don’t want to be found on a snow day.

1. Hiding from obligations on a snow day

Cat nose diving into the snow

Actual footage of me hiding from my boss on a snow day. | Giphy

Not a single person wants to work when it’s a snow day. Nor should they, in my humble opinion. This GIF is actual footage of me dodging my responsibilities through the work day when it snows.

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