Adorable Photos Prove These Dogs and Babies Really Do Have a Very Special Bond

If you’re lucky enough to have both baby fever and puppy fever, then prepare yourself for cuteness overload. Why? Well, you’re about to see photos so charming, they’re all the proof you need to believe that some dogs and babies really do have a special bond.

In the interest of hard-hitting journalism, we dared to go down the rabbit hole of adorable babies and their canine companions who love them oh-so-much. We scoured @kidswithdogs, an Instagram account dedicated to — you guessed it — kids and dogs, and we found these 20 photos too stinking cute not to share. We hope you enjoy.

1. The little boy who loves his pup too much to stay away

Baby and dog sleeping bed

They won’t both fit in there for long. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“When you nap, I nap, or at least I watch,” said the adorable baby boy.

If a puppy wants to take a nap, he should definitely take a nap. But when that nap doesn’t coincide with baby’s nap? Well, baby jumps right in. And it’s a glorious sight.

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2. Best friends who dine together

Baby and dog eating

They both share a favorite activity. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

According to this baby, loved ones should always eat together, no matter how furry they may be.

“When you eat, I eat. And where you eat is where I eat, too.” And we must say, we love this notion.

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3. Tummy time pals on the bed

Dog licking baby

The sweetest kiss. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“Crawl on this bed, and you are going to get a licking.”

If this dog could talk, maybe that’s what he’d say. However, we’re sure these two have a secret language all their own.

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4. Superhero buddies

Baby and dog superhero

They’re the ultimate crime-fighting duo. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“You are the Robin to my Batman, and vise versa.”

Granted, the parents were behind the staging of this one, but it’s clear to see this canine would follow his human into battle any day.

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5. Pals who love to laugh together

Baby laying on dog

It’s a giggly baby and a happy dog. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Whether this match was staged for a photo shoot or was a happy accident, there’s no denying this giggle session is pure music to anyone’s ears. Happy baby, happy dog, happy life.

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6. Best friends who love to snuggle

Baby and dogs sleeping

It’s the cutest sleepover. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Is this the very definition of the ultimate cuddle puddle? We think so. But can you spot the baby among the beasts? And when we say “beasts,” of course, we’re talking about the massive fluff balls.

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7. A pup with a watchful eye

Baby with dog

Here’s a perfect guard dog. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“Oh, you’re going to take a nap right here?” asked the dog. “Well, then, I’ll just be right here keeping a watchful eye on you, baby.”

Now, that is true devotion.

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8. A patient pup who doesn’t mind playtime

Dog with dinosaurs and kid

He is willing to play even when he’s used as the play table. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

If there were ever a pup more patient than this, we’d be shocked. Lucky for this little boy, he has a forever playmate in his pup.

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9. A little girl who loves her little pup

Kid hugging dog

She loves her pup so much. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

This little girl squeezing her labradoodle’s noodle with all her heart is just about all the feels we can take.

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10. A dog and baby who love twinning

Dalmatian and baby

They’re the cutest matching pair. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

What do you get when you dress a baby to match the family pup? A photo that is undoubtedly too stinking cute for words.

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11. Bath time bandits

dog and kids in bath

It makes bath time that much more enjoyable. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Kids and pups alike need their bath time, but this pup isn’t willing to miss out on a single second of family time. If only he were allowed in the same tub, then all the problems would be solved.

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12. A sleepy pup and his wide-awake human

Baby pulling on dog

The dog is on baby schedule, too. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“Oh, you think you’re going to take a nap, do you doggy?” the baby thought.

Not on this baby’s watch, that’s for sure!

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13. A toddler with a 4-legged co-pilot

Dog and baby in toy car

It’s the best co-pilot. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Going for a drive? Well then, you’d better have a co-pilot. Turns out, opposable thumbs really aren’t necessary for driving a car — or at least pretending to.

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14. A pup and his human being lazy by the pool

Baby sleeping on dog by a pool

Nap time is the best time. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

This photo gives “dog days of summer” a whole new meaning. And clearly, this pair has secured the best spot in — or around — the house. Lazy days have never looked so good.

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15. A baby who loves inspecting this pup’s paws

Dog and baby playing

They’re learning together. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“Hey, your hands don’t look like mine,” said the adorable baby. And baby is right.

While some dogs are quite particular about their paws, this pup is happy to let his favorite human pet, touch, and inspect every inch of him.

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16. A baby with a bow and a dog with a tasty ear

Patient dog with baby

That’s one patient pooch. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Another body part some dogs aren’t fond of others touching? Their ears. But apparently, this pup couldn’t care less, at least not when it’s his favorite girl chowing down on it.

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17. A dog who loves this baby’s noggin

Dog licking baby's head

He loves her, too. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Sweet, sweet revenge. When this baby is sleeping, the family dog gets the perfect opportunity to swoop in for a lick of his own. And just as some people love the unmistakable scent of a newborn baby, so too does this pup.

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18. A princess and a pup

Baby sleeping on dog stomach

She’s found Prince Charming. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Every princess needs her prince. And luckily, at least for this young royal, she’s found just that in her patient pup.

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19. A pup who’s protective of his newborn human

Baby and dog cuddling

They’re so cute. | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

“I promise to love you forever,” said the pup.

Clearly, there’s no competition in this house. Newborn baby and tiny pup alike, these two are meant to be.

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20. Best friends forever

Baby and dog holding hands

Does it get any sweeter? | Kids with Dogs via Instagram

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. There are just some babies and dogs in this world whose bond is too strong to understand. Even in their dreams, they’re together. And that, folks, is a beautiful thing.

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