These Are the Most Ridiculous Airline Standards Flight Attendants Have to Meet

Being a flight attendant is hard work. Not only do you have to wait on grumpy customers, force travelers to check their bags (which can result in grumpy customers), and be on numerous flights a day with screaming babies, you have to meet some appalling — read: inappropriate — standards by your employer, too.

From the number of rings they’re allowed to wear (page 3) to their weight (page 4) and marital status (page 8) — yes, that’s still a thing — we share the most outdated and ridiculous standards flight attendants have to meet, ahead.

1. Natural hair color only

flight attendant serving a meal

Their hair must look natural. | Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Flight attendants have to follow many beauty standards. That includes what color their hair can be. While airlines don’t require flight attendants to have virgin hair, they do not tolerate any hair color that isn’t considered natural-looking. In other words, only brunettes, blondes, and redheads are permitted.

Next: Men have beauty standards, too.

2. There is a mustache length requirement

A man with a large moustache

This likely would not be allowed. | Jack Taylor/Getty Images

While men are allowed to have mustaches, there are length requirements. According to The Telegraph, United Airlines does not allow mustaches that “extend more than ¼ inch below the sides of the mouth.”

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3. They can’t wear more than 3 rings

Chrissy Teigen nails and rings

Delta restricts jewelry. | Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP/Getty Images

Another ridiculous flight attendant requirement? By Delta standards, they can’t wear more than three rings on their finger. In addition to rings, they can only wear small earrings and one small necklace at a time.

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4. Their weight and height must be proportionate

woman adjusting a scale

They still have weight rules. | Tetmc/iStock/Getty Images

Airlines have long been under fire for discriminating against applicants for their weight. And, sadly, nothing has really changed. Instead of giving a weight requirement, most airlines list “weight must be in proportion to height” as a standard. And flight attendant applicants must meet a body mass index of between 18 and 22.

Next: Airlines have no way of actually tracking this prerequisite. 

5. They have to quit smoking 6 months before they even apply for the job

person holding cigarette

They can’t be smokers. |

When it comes to flight attendants, health matters to airlines. That said, some airlines require flight attendant applicants to quit smoking six months before they even submit an application. While we understand why airlines don’t want flight attendants to be smokers, we don’t know how they keep track of this prerequisite.

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6. There are height requirements

They can’t be too tall or too short. | Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to weight requirements, many (if not all) airlines have strict height requirements. In fact, WestJet does not permit anyone above 6 foot 2. The most common height requirement for airlines is between 5 foot 2 and 6 foot 2 for both men and women.

Next: We have no idea why they would be required to obtain one of these.

7. They must have a driver’s license

woman with driver's license

Some airlines require this. | JPWALLET/iStock/Getty Images

We’re not sure why this even matters, but some airlines — including Allegiant, GoJet, and Piedmont — require flight attendants to obtain a driver’s license. Other airlines, such as Spirit, prefer it, but it’s not a necessity.

Next: Many believe this outdated requirement is not true — but sadly, it is. 

8. They can’t be married


Some airlines still prohibit this. | Liz Gregg/iStock/Getty Images

Believe it or not, some airlines — such as Jet Airways — still have rules against marriage. For a handful of airlines, fresh flight attendants (newbies!) cannot be married. Once they’re seasoned flight attendants, it is permitted.

There’s no word on whether a groom would have to ask the airline for its employee’s hand in marriage.

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9. No acne, scars, or blemishes

young women with problematic skin

They probably have to get a lot of facials. |

One of the most shocking requirements? Many airlines require flight attendants to have perfect complexions — i.e., no acne, scars, or blemishes allowed. We’re not entirely sure airlines know how skin works, but everyone experiences a breakout from time to time. And discriminating against facial scars? Come on.

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10. Their arm reach matters

Flight Attendant

This is a somewhat practical requirement. | Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

By now, it’s no secret airlines have a lot to say about the physical appearance of flight attendants. So it should come of no surprise that many airlines have arm reach requirements. According to Emirates, flight attendants much be able to reach 212 centimeters (that’s almost 7 feet!) when standing on tiptoes.

Next: We hope glasses are an approved accessory. 

11. They must have good eyesight

man wearing yellow gllasses

This likely comes in handy. |

Good eyesight is also a must. Most — if not all — airlines require flight attendants to have use of all five senses, including good eyesight. No word on what “good eyesight” entails, but we hope fun glasses are an acceptable accessory.

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12. No nose hair

Nose piercing

American Airlines hates nose hair. | AkilinaWinner/iStock/Getty Images

Fun fact: American Airlines is anti-nose hair. According to its flight attendant standards, “Noticeable hair in nostrils and in/on ears or underarms must be cut or otherwise removed.” Noted.

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13. Lipstick and lip gloss are mandatory

Woman applying lipstick

Lip makeup is a requirement. |

Believe it or not, lipstick and lip gloss are still mandatory for female flight attendants. While we thought this requirement would have died with some of the other outdated standards, it looks like it’s here to stay. Not only are flight attendants required to keep their lipstick and lip gloss in check, they also must refresh their makeup as needed.

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14. They must be able to lift 50 pounds

woman working out

They have to keep in shape. | Boggy22/iStock/Getty Images

According to WestJet, flight attendants have to be strong. While this isn’t that crazy — after all, they have to help customers place bags in the overhead compartments — 50 pounds is a lot of weight.

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15. There are age requirements

Stewardess talking to passenger

Age requirements vary. | Ruben Ramos/iStock/Getty Images

Another fun fact: Most airlines still discriminate against age — only, it’s a little different than before. While it varies from airline to airline, flight attendant applicants have to meet a minimum age requirement. For some airlines, this age requirement is 19, and for others it’s 21.

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