Allergic to Pumpkin? These Recipes Offer Some Alternatives That Taste Just As Good

There’s really no escaping pumpkin-infused everything when fall rolls around. While this makes many people jump for joy, it can be scary for someone with a pumpkin allergy. While it sounds silly, touching or eating pumpkin products — yes, even pumpkin spice lattes — can lead to allergic reactions. And in some cases, people with this allergy may go into anaphylactic shock.

But fear not, food-loving friends! There are recipes out there which substitute other ingredients in for pumpkin. The result? Fall classics that are just as tasty.

Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving | bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

Surely, just seeing a display of pumpkin pies may scare you if you are allergic to it. But as Better Homes & Gardens points out, pumpkin puree — basically what makes up about 95% of the pie — can be substituted with mashed sweet potato. (The site also suggests substituting in butternut squash. But since pumpkin and squash allergies can go hand in hand, sticking to the sweet potato is probably the best call.) Three Many Cooks offers up a great recipe for such a pie, which replaces a can of pumpkin with two sweet potatoes and a variety of spices. Pantry staples such as cinnamon and ginger help give this altered pie the fall flavor it needs.

Looking for an alternative to pumpkin bread? Substituting in sweet potato will do the trick. As points out in their recipe, this “Southern delight” gets its autumn-style flair from the addition of nutmeg and pecans. Plus, this bread allegedly freezes well, so you and your family can enjoy it even after the holidays are over.

And for those of you worried about having an allergic reaction to a pumpkin spice latte — you can take a deep breath. With the exception of Starbucks’ rendition of the drink, many pumpkin spice drinks don’t contain any real pumpkin at all. So why not just make your own pumpkin-less PSL at home? Take a cue from Martha Stewart and take a minute to mix these spices together. Then you’re all set to give your morning expresso the autumn touch — no allergy-inducing pumpkin required.

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