Amazon, Curated: Best Home Buys Under $50

If you’ve never ordered something from Amazon, have you even lived? It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love Amazon. The online retail giant has completely changed the way the world shops, and it’s nowhere close to finished yet. With ultra-quick shipping, thousands upon thousands of products at great prices, more warehouse square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens, and an estimated $430 billion per year in revenue (that’s almost double how much Walmart is worth), it’s impossible to overestimate Amazon’s influence on the marketplace.

But when it comes to actually shopping on Amazon, that gigantic selection can sometimes become overwhelming. Let’s say you’re looking for a vase for your new home. You’ll be able to find it on Amazon — if you don’t mind sorting through hundreds of page results and always wondering whether you got the best one. And that’s where Canopy comes in. is a curation website that scours Amazon for the most useful and beautiful home products available. It does all the work up front, so you don’t have to. All of its products are sorted in a visually pleasing display that’s easy to shop and links straight back to Amazon when you’re ready to make a purchase. Ahead, check out some of the best home finds for under $50 from Canopy via Amazon.

1. Strum Wall Shelf

metal shelves

Minimalist shelves | Canopy via Instagram

At just $15 each, these minimalist metal wall shelves can be hung any way you want, depending on what you want to store. Free up bookshelf space when you store items on the wall instead. The clean lines are a modern decorator’s dream, and if you have a lot of blank wall space to fill, they double as art, too. Pick up a few for practically nothing here.

2. Corkcicle Triple-Insulated Bottle

pouring green drink into Corcicle bottle

Corkcicle bottle | Canopy via Instagram

Keep your cold drinks cold, even on the hottest days. Triple-insulated stainless steel will keep your beverages perfectly chilled for 24 hours and hot ones piping hot for 12 hours. The ergonomic flat sides are easy to hold, and the spill-proof cap prevents both air and liquid from coming out. Pick one up for just $33 here.

3. Unglazed Mortar and Pestle

seveal mortars and pestles with spices

Mortar and pestle options | Canopy via Instagram

Not too big and not too small, this sophisticated porcelain mortar and pestle will look great on your countertop — and at $23, it won’t set you back too much. The high-quality materials will not stain or absorb or transfer odors, and the long handle is easy to grip and won’t cause your hand to cramp up. Find one for your modern kitchen here.

4. Bento Lunch Box with Insulated Thermos


bento box

Bento box | Canopy via Instagram

This one is labeled for kids, but it would also work for adults who want to bring their lunches on the go. Not just for hipsters anymore, bento-style lunch boxes offer convenient compartments for all of your food and help to control portion sizes, too. This version is thermal insulated with two temperature zones for storing hot and cold foods. It’s made of food-grade, FDA-approved, BPA-free material. Get one for $39 here.

5. Airless Storage Canister

Storage container | Canopy via Instagram

A storage container like this is more than just pretty — it’s practical, too. Air can make your food get stale faster, so keeping it in an airtight canister will prolong shelf life and ensure freshness. Perfect for anything from coffee to cookies, it’s best to stock up on a few for all your dry goods. For just $12 each, you can afford to. Find them here.

6. Deer Meadow Toothpick Holder

Deer toothpick holder

Deer toothpick holder | Canopy via Instagram

If you’re going to stash your toothpicks somewhere, you might as well use this unique and darling little holder. Each dispenses one toothpick at a time from the lid. Get one for a unique wedding or housewarming gift. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself adding two to your cart, so you can keep one all for yourself. Find it for $13 here.

7. Salt and Pepper Rocket Mill

using rocket salt and pepper mill over pizza

Rocket salt and pepper mill | Canopy via Instagram

Why be basic when you can be exceptional? This one-of-a-kind $35 beechwood salt and pepper mill will be the highlight of your dining space, and it makes a lovely gift for that person who has absolutely everything (bonus points if they’re into astronomy). With an easy twist adjustment to control the coarseness of the grind and a ceramic mechanism for top-notch performance, this is one home buy you won’t regret. Shop for yours here.

8. Baggu Reusable Shopping Bag

Baggu sailor stripe bag

Baggu sailor stripe bag | Canopy via Instagram

Eco-friendly and perfectly stylish, this is one of those bags you’ll find yourself using everywhere. Ideal for shopping, laundry, or toting around your stuff, the simple design slings over your shoulder, and the durable nylon holds up to 50 pounds of stuff. For just $14 each, you might want to stock up on a few.

9. Trigg Desk Vessel

two geometric planters with greens

Geometric planter | Canopy via Instagram

Keep your succulents on your desk or even stash your pens and pencils with these modern ceramic holders. Sold in a set of two, they take up minimal space but offer tons of style and class. Look no further if you’ve been shopping for a hard-to-find gift for your boss or co-worker. Score a pair for $40 here.

10. Ceramic Embossed Water Pitcher

water pitcher

Water pitcher | Canopy via Instagram

You could stick with plastic pitchers, or you could feel instantly more upscale with this gorgeous ceramic pitcher. The tall cylindrical shape is classic and practical, taking up minimal storage space. Serve your party guests from one gorgeous $43 vessel when you pick one up here.

11. Black Playing Cards

black playing cards

Playing cards | Canopy via Instagram

Poker games have never looked so sexy. These PVC playing cards hold up against moisture and wear, even if you use them daily. Plus, they look a little bit intimidating, which will serve you well when you’re bluffing. Pick up a pack for just $15 here.

12. Handmade Organic Wooden Burr Puzzle

wooden puzzle

Puzzle | Canopy via Instagram

Put down the fidget spinner, and try something a little more adult instead. This fair-trade, handcrafted puzzle has an elegant look and feel, and it will occupy your brain as well as decorate your desk. Each is hewn by master craftsmen using traditional techniques and costs just $16. Find it here.

13. Pendleton Hooded Towel

hooded towel

Hooded towel | Canopy via Instagram

Drying off has never looked so good. This beautiful hooded towel is made from 100% cotton velour and cotton terry, providing a plush post-bath or swim experience. The vibrant colors and convenient hood guarantee this will become your new favorite. Pick one up for $39 here.

14. Leather Coasters

Leather coasters

Leather coasters | Canopy via Instagram

Whether you’re outfitting your rustic hunting lodge or just trying to infuse a bit of masculine aesthetic into your man cave, these handcrafted, U.S.-made tanned leather coasters are exactly what you need. Etched with Colorado fir trees, wild sage branches, axes, buffalo, deer, mountains, and coffee, this $32 set is the perfect gift for any outdoors enthusiast. Get them here.

15. Sling Sink Caddy

sink caddy

Sink caddy | Canopy via Instagram

This customizable $11 caddy hangs from the faucet or the side of the sink and provides a nice little home for your sponge or scrub brush. The perforated design allows your kitchen accessories to dry completely, preventing mold or bacteria buildup. When it gets dirty, it’s so easy to wash with soap and water. Find one here.

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