America Isn’t the Second Most Popular Country to Travel to Anymore. Find Out What Is

America is no longer the second most visited country. Read on to find out which country took its place — and which other countries are ranked the most traveled to countries in the world.

7. Germany

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

It sees a lot of educational and business-related travel. | Lammeyer/iStock/Getty Images

Germany is one of the most frequently visited countries in the world, largely due to the high number of educational and business-related German travel. People from all over the world come to Germany to take in Saxon Switzerland National Park, Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park, and Jasmund National Park. According to World Atlas, the tourism industry in Germany contributes about 4.5% toward the national GDP and creates 2 million employment opportunities.

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6. United Kingdom

Kensington Palace gardens

It’s a huge cultural destination. | Pat_Hastings/iStock/Getty Images

The United Kingdom is another pretty popular travel destination for world travelers. The birthplace of both Shakespeare and The Beatles, it holds a wealth of history, culture, and entertainment. England in particular is famously visited for the Neolithic Stonehenge, Bath’s Roman spa, and Oxford and Cambridge universities. In 2016, 37.6 million people visited the U.K.

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5. Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Italian cuisine and culture interest tourists. | Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images

Italy comes in at No. 5, receiving 48.6 million tourists a year (and its numbers are only rising). Tourists go to Italy for the history, food, and beauty.

“Experiencing one of the most fragmented histories of any country, Italy emerged from numerous conquests and invasions over thousands of years as the state we now know just after World War II. The Italian diaspora – largely from unindustrialized southern Italy – has fueled a global dispersion of and interest in Italian culture,” according to list 25.

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4. China

ancient Chinese architecture

China has several popular tourist sites. | hxdyl/iStock/Getty Images

About 59 million tourists visit China each year. Popular tourist sites include the Great Wall, Shaolin Temple, Forbidden City, Huangguoshu Waterfall, and Fiver Sacred Mountains. The World Tourism Organization predicts that China could be the most popular travel destination by 2020. “In that year, there will be 137.1 million international travelers to the country, taking up 8.6% of the global share, and 100 million outbound Chinese visitors, 6.2% of the worldwide outbound visitors,” says Travel China Guide.

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3. The United States

New York City

Is Donald Trump to blame for the dip in tourism? | Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The former second-place holder, the United States, now comes in at No. 3. In the past year, U.S. tourism has taken a major dip. About 700,000 fewer foreigners visited the U.S. during the first quarter of 2017, and Donald Trump might be to blame. Travel highlights for tourists include the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, Walt Disney World, and the Statue of Liberty.

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2. Spain

Madrid, Spain, cityscape

Unlike the United States, Spain’s tourism numbers are on the rise. | RudyBalasko/iStock/Getty Images

Coming it at No. 2 on the list is Spain. Coupled with U.S. tourism numbers going down and its own numbers consistently rising, Spain is now the second most traveled to country in the world.

“The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy confirmed that his nation has seen a surge in tourism while speaking at an event during a visit to Italy,” reports the Daily Mail. “He revealed how 82 million people had visited Spain in 2017, a 9 percent increase from the previous year that came despite the Barcelona terror attacks and the political crisis in Catalonia.”

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1. France

Street view in Chamonix town, French Alps, France

France offers plenty to do. | Kisa_Markiza/iStock/Getty Images

For those who have been, it’s probably no surprise that France comes in as the No. 1 most traveled to country. France hosts 82.6 million international visitors per year and leads the world in tourism. “In France, 9.7% of the GDP is contributed by the travel and tourism sector. 30% of the revenue generated by tourism is obtained from foreign tourists, while the remaining 70% is derived from domestic tourism,” reports World Atlas. Rich in culture, France offers tourists some of the best museums in the world, the Alpine mountains, ski resorts, relaxing beaches, breathtaking countrysides, palaces, intricate gardens, and more.

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