Watch Your Wheels: These 15 American Cities Have the Most Stolen Cars

If you’re lucky, you’ll go your whole life and never be a crime victim. Even in American cities with the most gun violence, you’re more likely to be affected by a robbery or burglary, including a stolen vehicle. You’ve probably seen stolen cars if you’ve been to this 15 American cities.

We’re using data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau to discuss the cities and metro areas with the most stolen cars (including one that will shock you at No. 3 on the list).

15. Las Vegas

gambling sign

You’re gambling with your car’s safety in Las Vegas. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Cars stolen: 11,469

Metro population: 2.20 million

The city that’s one of America’s divorce capitals also sees its share of stolen cars. Sin City and its surrounding suburbs reported close to 12,000 vehicle thefts in one year, according to the NICB.

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