An Inside Look at America’s Largest McDonald’s (Including the Surprising Items on the Menu)

Not all McDonald’s restaurants are the same.

Some have PlayPlaces, and some don’t. Most have drive-thrus but not the ones inside airports. They almost always have golden arches (except for the one in Sedona, Arizona, where those arches are turquoise). Luckily for everyone, every single location serves those famous french fries.

McDonald’s is the highest-grossing fast food chain restaurant in the world, with more than $35 billion in sales annually. But of the tens of thousands of restaurants in almost every country in every corner of the globe (except where they’re banned), which one is the biggest?

It turns out the largest McDonald’s restaurant just might be located right here in the United States (more on that later). Read on to find out why this McDonald’s is so much more than your typical quick service restaurant.

It’s absolutely gigantic

EpicMcD Orl largest McDonalds

It’s truly massive. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

You don’t even have to walk in the doors to notice this restaurant is gigantic. At three stories and 19,000 square feet, this imposing building is significantly bigger than a typical McDonald’s (which is more like 4,000 square feet).

Keeping with the bigger-is-better mentality, this McDonald’s also features a 30-foot-tall Ronald McDonald statue and a sign on the door that says, “Welcome to Epic McD.”

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Epic McD shares a state with some other magical destinations

EpicMcD Orl interior largest mcdonald

It no doubt attracts plenty of tourists. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

You can find this mammoth McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, alongside travel destinations, such as Disney World and Universal Studios.

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It has been around since the late ’70s

EpicMcD Orl Exterior lights

It reopened in 2016. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

The Orlando mainstay opened in 1976 and closed for a total overhaul in 2015. While it was always an entertainment destination, the remodel expanded this unique McDonald’s restaurant’s footprint and added tons of futuristic elements. It reopened for business in 2016.

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There are all kinds of extras on the menu

EpicMcD Orl waffle Mcdonald's

This is pretty epic McDonald’s fare. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

Along with traditional McDonald’s fare, such as burgers and fries, you can get a lot of extras at Epic McD.

Customizable pasta dishes, panini, Belgian waffles, made-to-order omelets, and pizza are all on the menu, and you can even sit on stools and watch employees prepare your food while you’re there. For an authentic taste, the pizza is prepared in a real brick pizza oven and comes with toppings of your choice. You can even create your own deluxe sundae for dessert.

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It’s more than just a restaurant — it’s an experience

EpicMcD Orl games arcade McDonald's

What other McDonald’s is going to have an arcade? | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

Stick around after your meal for entertainment that goes way beyond a typical PlayPlace. This McDonald’s does have climbing structures for kids, but that’s not all. There’s also an arcade with dozens of games and prizes.

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Everything is state-of-the-art

EpicMcD Orl design McDonald's

Everything is state of the art. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

Forget placing your order in person — everything at this futuristic-themed McDonald’s is done via touchscreen kiosks. The trash cans are motion-activated. Even the bathroom is impressive, with automatic sanitary seat covers.

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Is it the biggest one in the world, though?

EpicMcD Orl Exterior Largest mcdonald's

It probably is, but don’t tell Oklahoma that. | EpicMcD Orl via Twitter

There are dissenting opinions over whether the Orlando location is the biggest McDonald’s in the world. It touts itself as the “world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s” (note the slight distinction) to avoid any argument. But it’s also most likely the largest overall.

For many years the McDonald’s in Vinita, Oklahoma, claimed the title of largest, but a lot of the square footage is awkward dead space, so it shouldn’t really count. The McDonald’s that was built for 2012 Olympic Games in London was indisputably the largest for the nine weeks it was open, but now that’s gone, leaving Orlando with the title. Probably.

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